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AMD’s Final R600 Specification

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Posted February 17, 2007 by admin in News

Compare that to R580, which was a 320 million transistor chip, that’s a massive jump.

Initially we will see the X2900 XTX launch, with two flavours – one to OEM’s and one for retail. The OEM cards are those 12" parts we’ve all seen images of on the net, the retail board will be a 9.5" two slot design with a vapour based cool, possibly from Asetek.

The 2900 XTX will come with 1GB GDDR4 and according to the Inquirer we should expect a 2200 MHz mem clock, and 750 MHz for the core, along with 128 stream processors though AMD are apparently not committing to final clocks until literally a few days before launch – source.

A month later the X2900 XT will show up, with 512MB GDDR3, probably at 1800MHz and no doubt the core clock will be lower. No word yet on whether the amount of stream processors will be decreased.

Obviously one should expect native CrossFire support as already seen in the X1900 Pro.

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