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Archive for October 17th, 2021

Nvidia ships 400 thousand 8800 GPU’s

Nvidia reported today that almost 400 thousand?8800 based GPU’s have been sold since it’s launch, Very impressive.?I suppose?200,000 of these will be on ebay?come R600 launch day! (ooh?devils advocate) Chief executive of Nvidia Corp, said during a conference call with financial analysts that the company has shipped 400 thousand of the GeForce 8800 graphics chips since October and are now ramping up other DirectX 10-supporting GPUs.

300GB holographic media finally launched

Way back in 2005 i wrote a small news snippet about?holographic discs which had a much?greater storage captity than other competing technolgies such as DVD (at the time) and even blu-ray. Now the company at the center of the technogy has finally released the drives and media. At this stage a drive will cost you a cool $18,000 and $180 per holographic disc (300Gb capacity) with speeds similar to an 16X speed DVD drive. Apparently in the future the capacity will increase to 1.6TB!

Mini synopsis of ATI’s R600

The Inquirer has some new(ish) information regarding R600. It covers quite a few different areas and outlines possible clock speeds of 800MHz core and 2.2 GHz memory for the flagship XTX card. Bounce on over and have a read, go on, you know you want to!

Hacker breaks HD DVD encryption

A hacker has reportedly broken through the keys used to unlock digital rights management (DRM) for all Blu-ray and HD DVD movies so that they can be copied to hard drives. DVD backup forum Doom9 posted a blog stating that a hacker called "arnezami" found the processing key used to decrypt the DRM on all high definition films.

Gmail no longer needs invites

Nearly three years after Gmail was first released, the free Web-based e-mail from Google is being opened up for anyone in the world. Beginning Wednesday, everyone and their mother can sign up instead of having to get an invite from a Gmail-using friend

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