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Catalyst 6.12 now available

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Posted December 14, 2006 by admin in News

You can grab the XP 32 bit version here. Highlights of the Windows Catalyst 6.12 release include:

  • DirectX video acceleration support in Crossfire enabled configurations. This release of the ATI Catalyst? software suite introduces DirectX video acceleration for CrossFire? enabled configurations.
  • Black&White 2: Slow frame rate is no longer noticed when playing the game under Windows XP when setting the graphics to the lowest possible settings.
  • Neverwinter Nights: Enabling super AA and CrossFire within the Catalyst Control Center no longer results in display corruption being noticed within the game’s main menu.
  • Catalyst? Control Center->CrossFire?: Attempting to resume from a standby state no longer results in the Windows XP operating system failing to respond when using a ATI Radeon? X19x0 CrossFire? Edition series of product.
  • Using PowerDVD to playback a DVD no longer results in the playback appearing choppy.

Note ? if you are using Stanford?s GPU Folding@Home client you should not upgrade to Catalyst 6.12 ? there are issues when using Catalyst 6.12 in combination with Stanford?s GPU folding client. These issues will be resolved in the next Catalyst release.

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