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Archive for October, 2021

Catalyst 6.12 now available

ATI have just released Catalyst 6.12 on ati.amd.com for both Windows and Linux platforms.

AMD’s QuadFX (4×4) sorely disappoints

Arstechnica accurately sum up AMD’s QuadFX launch in?this editorial. QuadFX?is a desperate attempt to take the light away from Intel, and it did for about a week, now let’s all go back to drooling over the QX6700 🙂 Today, AMD officially launched their much-anticipated 4×4 enthusiast platform under the name QuadFX. The results of the rash of QuadFX reviews that just came out are uniformly disappointing; Intel’s quad-core offering, the QX6800, outperforms AMD’s much hotter, more power-hungry offering in almost every benchmark. Right now, QuadFX is a loser from a performance, power consumption, and bang/buck perspective, and there’s pretty much no reason to even consider spending money on this boutique architecture right now.

27-inch Dell display announced

Samsung Electronics said that it has signed a long-term contract to provide Dell with 27-inch LCD panels, according to DigiTimes? reading of a Korean publication. Both companies will launch 27-inch panels in 2007, and the panels can also be used as televisions. You can check out the full spec of the panel used here

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