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CrossFire still far, far behind SLI

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Posted November 19, 2006 by admin in News

Valve has just started a new hardware survey through Steam and once again CrossFire seems massively behind SLI.

It’s still early days yet, the new survey began on the 15th November, but i don’t see anything changing here. From (at time of writing) 142971 samples, 1807 are on SLI, while only 64 have CrossFire (one of those being me!).

There are many obvious reasons why CrossFire fails to gain market share, motherboard support has been its Achilles heel from the start, and though the 975x chipset helps a great deal here, it’s still too early to see its impact. On top of this, the dongle support necessary for CrossFire has held it back significantly.

Things do look positive for DAAMIT in the future. With all new hardware having the composite engine built on chip, and motherboard support really looking good, things can only get better. But this can only even the playing field with Nvidia, they will need to make the extra effort to sap market share, not Nvidia. Here’s an idea ATI — Support SLI on your next chipset as well as Crossfire, we all know its technically possible, and if RD600 is as good as rumour say’s it is, it will be a best seller.

Anyhow, looking at other interesting fodder on the survey, AMD just about have the upper hand over Intel in the Processor vendor category with a 51.57% share. This isn’t at all surprising as until recently the Athlon 64 has been the gaming processor of choice. Core 2 Duo isn’t going to have an impact for quite some time.

Over 90% still use single core processors, and overall Nvidia graphics hardware has a 54% share.

You can view the survey here for more info.

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