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Hardware Review Roundup 13/11/06

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AMD’s 4×4 at least $1000

For?your one thousand dollars you will be able to buy two FX-72’s running at 2.6 GHz, which is a very good price point, but unfortunately there is no mention of? mainboard pricing, and considering its must be dual socket it’s surely an expensive omission to make. Technically 4×4 has always been an interesting idea with oodles of potential,?but?it’s first incarnation has?always looked like a severely untidy alternative to Kentsfield. AMD have claimed that 4×4 will be compatible out of the box with there upcoming quad-core chip (known as K8L to many). If this is true it does helps?it’s case, as in my personal opinion, 4×4 only looks like a serious solution when you can throw two quad-core chips in for octal power.? At a briefing in Munich late last week, AMD revealed that the 4×4 will start around $1,000 and will run on an NVIDIA chipset. A cool grand will get you two dual-core FX-70 processors, with the FX-72 and FX-74 costing a bit more. A fourth CPU, the FX-76, will appear during the second quarter of 2007. German site golem.de reports All four CPUs are 90nm parts with 2MB of L2 cache. The clock speed on the new CPUs will range from 2.6GHz on the FX-70 up to 3.2GHz on the FX-76.

AMD and chip shortages

This certainly makes for interesting reading. You may be aware that AMD are currently experiencing supply shortages. Stephen DiFranco, AMD’s Global Consumer Channel VP has talked back about this, claiming that supplying Dell isn’t the issue but rather "consumer demand is outrunning supply." When asked if AMD has any concerns that its users may choose Intel processors if supplies of AMD chips run dry, DiFranco responded, "We don’t expect our users to jump brand. Their loyalty comes from many years of dedication, and they’re a sophisticated group. We think they will stay loyal over the long term; they’re better served by sticking with AMD technology." Perhaps DiFranco should switch?to a position in AMD’s marketing department…

Vista and Office 2007 cracked

Though these cracks are far from sophisticated, they allegedly work and it’s only a matter of time before better cracks come along. The crackers vs. MS looks set to continue with Vista. Microsoft has had a long history of battling against piracy, ever since Bill Gates’ Open Letter to Hobbyists in 1976, long before there was even a personal computer software industry to speak of. Now, Microsoft finds itself in its latest piratical engagement, with the recent cracks of Windows Vista and Office 2007, both of which just hit gold release status. Torrents of the cracks are already finding their way around pirate sites.

8800 GTS and GTX reviews

Here's all the review for Nvidia's 8800 GTX and GTS since it's launch.

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