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Vista’s PatchGuard allegedly cracked

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Posted October 25, 2006 by admin in News

You may or may not have heard of Microsoft Patch Guard. It’s been designed?top stop unauthorized software from modifying the Windows Kernel. Using Patch Guard, kernel mode drivers cannot write and replace items, and the technology will altogether stop third party software from extending and changing the Kernel.

However, security firm Authentium is claiming that they have cracked it!

Microsoft’s PatchGuard technology, scheduled for inclusion in the 64-bit version of Windows Vista, has caused a furor from certain antivirus vendors, who charged that Microsoft was gaining an "unfair advantage" by not allowing them unfettered access to the kernel. Now, security firm Authentium is claiming that they have cracked PatchGuard, and will use the technique to disable the protection, install the kernel patches that come with their own software, and then restore PatchGuard once the installation is complete. Authentium’s claims have not yet been independently confirmed at this time.

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