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Hexus declares war on Sharikou, ‘Ph. D’

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Posted October 23, 2006 by admin in News

I came across this small article on Hexus venting out frustration towards a blog i truly cannot be bothered to link to. The blog predicts that Intel will be bankrupt by…well tommorow quite frankly!

It’s all quite entertaining stuff, the blog in question is well known for fanboyism,?and hexus declares war!

So why the aggro and WTH does it have to do with Intel and bankruptcy? It’s those preachers, folks. They’re trying to convince people that absolute bull is the truth. E.g. the journal of pervasive 64-bit computing, which, ironically, is nothing to do with pervasive 64-bit computing, but rather is a platform for one person’s pure fanboyism. It pains me to dignify the page with a link, but I feel I must. Give it a read, notice the one-sidedness, and laugh at the insanity of it all.

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