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DX10 for XP a cruel joke

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Posted October 18, 2006 by admin in News

Just?a day after The Inquirer announced DX10 compatibility for Windows XP ?we find (thanks Ciro)?a new story from Faud?stating they got it wrong, and that this new DX9.0L API is in fact?for Windows Vista to allow for optimal backwards compatibility with DX9.0 games. No DirectX 10 for WIndows XP I’m afraid.

DX9.0L is a special version of DirectX 9 for Vista only that allows DX9 games to run with Vista’s new driver model. It’s not possible to run D3D10 on XP without running in pure software emulation.

The D3D10 API was designed around the new driver model in Vista. In addition, Aero Glass runs on DX9.0L. Aero Glass is one of the main reasons DX9.0L exists on Vista.

Our sources also confirmed that L in DirectX 9.0 L stands for Longhorn. So we are back at the beginning – you need to buy a new graphic card and a new OS to have the hardware DirectX 10 acceleration on an API that supports it.

Way to go The Inquirer!

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