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Archive for October 25th, 2021

Intel Bearlake details: P965 and 975X replacements

Dailytech (who else?) has details on Intel upcoming Bearlake chipsets. These will replace Intels the P965 and 975X boards and have support for PCI-e 2.0, DDR3 and on the 975X replacements, two full speed PCI-e x16 slots. Expect these Q3 2007. Intel?s upcoming X38 Express chipset is expected to replace the current Intel 975X Express chipset. The X38 Express brings new features such as PCI Express 2.0 compatibility as well as two full speed PCI Express x16 slots. DDR3 1333 will be the memory standard of choice. On the premium and mainstream side of things is Intel?s G33, G35 and P35 Express chipsets. Intel?s upcoming G33 Express chipset will feature a graphics core that features Intel Clear Video Technology. Memory support on G33 Express will be limited to DDR3-1066 or DDR2-800. Front-side bus speeds of 1333 MHz are supported with the mainstream G33 Express. Stepping up a notch is the G35 Express which features a DirectX 10 compatible graphics core. G35 Express will fully support high definition content playback with HDCP protection. DDR3-1066, DDR2-800 and a 1333 MHz front-side bus are also supported. Intel?s P35 Express will be similar to G35 Express except with the integrated graphics core removed. Intel?s X38, G33, G35 and P35 will be paired with upcoming ICH9, ICH9R and ICH9DH south bridges.

DX10 for XP a cruel joke

Just?a day after The Inquirer announced DX10 compatibility for Windows XP ?we find (thanks Ciro)?a new story from Faud?stating they got it wrong, and that this new DX9.0L API is in fact?for Windows Vista to allow for optimal backwards compatibility with DX9.0 games. No DirectX 10 for WIndows XP I’m afraid. DX9.0L is a special version of DirectX 9 for Vista only that allows DX9 games to run with Vista’s new driver model. It’s not possible to run D3D10 on XP without running in pure software emulation. The D3D10 API was designed around the new driver model in Vista. In addition, Aero Glass runs on DX9.0L. Aero Glass is one of the main reasons DX9.0L exists on Vista. Our sources also confirmed that L in DirectX 9.0 L stands for Longhorn. So we are back at the beginning – you need to buy a new graphic card and a new OS to have the hardware DirectX 10 acceleration on an API that supports it. Way to go The Inquirer!

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