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Archive for October 25th, 2021

Nvidia 8800 GTS and GTX details

With ATI’s R600?rumoured to be?delayed perhaps until after Christmas, Nvidia’s G80 has a major advantage with its expected launch date of mid November 06. For those unaware, G80 is the codename for Nvidia’s next generation graphics?chip, and here are all the gory details on the 8800GTS and 8800 GTX, which use G80. Nvidia 8800GTS/GTX details ? 8800 GTX 8800 GTS Core Clock 575 MHz 500 MHz Memory Clock 900 MHz 900 MHz Memory Size : 768 MB 640 MB Memory Interface : 384 bit 320 bit Memory Bandwidth : 86 GB/second 64 GB/second Shaders : 128 unified shaders 96 unified shaders API : DX10 + Shader Model 4 The GTS is pretty much the new suffix for the GT, and is second in line, the GTX is still the big flagship product as you’d expect. G80 is of course DirectX 10 and shader model 4 complaint. Nvidia defines the 8800GTX as coming with 128 stream processors. Each shader has a clock of 1350MHz, but the core clock is 575MHz. There’s a lot to be exicted about with G80, especially the GTX with its 128 unified shaders.

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