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Archive for October 24th, 2021

R600 is excessive at 500 million transistors

Not only is R600, ATI’s (well, AMD’s) next-gen graphics core expected to have a peak power draw of 250+ Watts, it’s now rumoured to use at least 120 million more transistors than R580, weighing in at a whopping 500 million transistors. It’s real lucky this chip will be manufaturered on an 80nm process otherwise i don’t think many will be able to fit it through the front door come launch day… In reality, it’s die size will probably be quite similar to R580’s, but the 250W power draw is bordering on insanity. But going back to ‘fitting it through the door’, with a 250W power draw the cooler may end up larger?than your Mountain Mods case, needing?the full removal of your largest window and a crane, that is, unless it turns out to be the watercooled… Let the rumours continue…

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