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Quad-core battle taking shape

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Posted August 18, 2006 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

Arstechnica has an article detailing all that is known about AMD and Intel’s plans for Quad Core.

It goes on to say that Intel will be first to bring quad-core to market with a ‘two E6700’s slapped together’ type of configuration as early as the 4Q of 2006 and that AMD’s only short term response will be the 4×4 architecture.

Jon Hannibal Stokes goes on to predict that when these systems reach face off it may be closer than expected, and I tend to agree. Bandwidth is going to become an issue as we reach quad-core and beyond, and AMD has this absolutely nailed with there HT busses.

My prediction is that when these two types of four-core systems are benchmarked against each other, the results are going to vary with application type to a much higher degree than reviewers have so far been accustomed to. This being the case, I think synthetic and toy benchmarks are going to be increasingly pointless as review tools. It’s one thing to use synthetic benchmarks to get CPU horserace numbers for two systems that are very similar, but when you move out of the realm of oranges vs. oranges and into the realm of oranges vs. grapefruit, it becomes less of a horserace and more of a question of which tool best fits the specific types of jobs that you want to do. In this context, real-world application performance is the only thing worth looking at.

The article finishes off detailing AMD’s true quad-core offering (K8L) which is expected mid 2007 and that’s the timeline for the highend server Opteron line, who knows when we’ll see desktop variants?

For more information on AMD’s Quad-core architecture you can jump on over and read our very own AMD Quad-Core K8L & 4×4 Low-down article.

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