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Nvidia to introduce 80nm as early as September

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Posted August 23, 2006 by admin in News

HKEPC has said that Nvidia will be releasing an 80nm part this September which may end up being the Geforce 7650. It’s quite normal in the GPU industry for a new process to be fine tuned on lower end parts. 80nm will probably surface on more high end parts as we move into 2007.

The new chip has two versions, G73-N-B1 and G73-H-B1. Besides manufacturing process improvement, G73-N-B1 hasn?t got much changes to the 90nm version. It?s pin-to-pin compatible to 90nm version, sharing the original P345 PCB design. Manufacturers are able to shift to new product at the first time. Another version, G73-H-B1, is designed for home theater. It has build-in HDMI and HDCP supported, and hence lower the cost for HTCP graphic solution.

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