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Intel’s 975x replacement

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Posted August 18, 2006 by admin in CPU & Motherboards
intel’s latesat roadmap

When talking Intel chipsets it looks as if there will be no 975x replacement for at least 12 months. When it does finally come it will offer two x16 PCI-e slots and support for DDR3. It’s highly likely that by then Bearlake-X will support both SLI and CrossFire, infact I wouldn’t be surprised if the current 975x chipset gets this support sooner or later.

Q3?07 will bring two new Bearlake variants?Bearlake-X and Bearlake-G+. Bearlake-X will replace the current 975X Express which has been carried over from the previous generation. It sports two full-speed PCI Express x16 slots for dual-graphics capabilities, though there?s no mention if ATI?s CrossFire or NVIDIA?s SLI technologies are supported. There will also be support for quad-core processors too. PCI Express 2.0 is also supported too. Bearlake-X will only support DDR3 1333 MHz memory only, a feature Bearlake-G and Bearlake-P variants lack.

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