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Core 2 Duo sales low

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Posted August 29, 2006 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

The Inq has an interesting blurb regarding Core 2 Duo availability. It goes on to prove its point by showing New Egg and Tiger Directs top 10 sales list for processors with AMD holding most places.

When Newegg’s top ten seller page was configured to show just processors, eight were from AMD. The two Intel offerings were Core 2 Duo chips – the 2MB devices, which were placed at eighth and ninth positions. The other three Core 2 Duo chips that Newegg sells are 4MB endowed, which start in price from $370 to over a thousand dollars. So those won’t make an appearance on Newegg’s top ten seller page anytime soon, as the most expensive chip on that list is $299.

Intel’s limited Core 2 offerings and its inability to get that product to where it’s needed may give AMD a window of opportunity to reap fiscally before the Core 2 Duo becomes more generally available.

We all know that Core 2 Duo is better, and we know that if availability wasn’t a problem AMD wouldn’t hold so many top spots with its A64 processors. But is AMD shifting more stock because of Intel?s availability problem? I very much doubt it. All that’s happening here is AMD are selling to those who would buy there products regardless of Core 2 duo availability. My guess is that AMD sales have already been hit with many consumers waiting on the sideline for that E6700 "now in stock" button to light up green.

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