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ATI roadmap with big pre-R600 changes

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Posted August 29, 2006 by admin in News

[thumbright]ati_roadmap.jpg[/thumbright]There is a quite shake up here and it looks rather interesting. At the top end the just launched X1950 XTX replaces the X1900 XTX which will be discontinued while the X1900 XT 512MB remains but gains a little brother with 256MB.

In the performance sector the hugely disappointing X1900 GT is replaced by the new 256MB X1950 Pro, a card touted by ATI to out perform the 7900 GT (hmmm). It’s based on ATI’s 80nm R570 core with 12 pipes, 36 shaders, a 600 MHz core clock and 1400MHZ GDDR3. This will be the first card to support and internal CrossFire connection, much like SLI.

There are other shake ups in the low-end so jump over and take a look.

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