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Archive for October 15th, 2021

OCZ PC2-9000 Ti Alpha VX2 DFI Special Edition

Hot on the heels of Corsair's new DHX memory, OCZ have unveiled the PC2-9000 Ti Alpha VX2 DFI Special Edition, an exclusively engineered series of memory optimized for the new DFI LANParty UT NF590 SLI-M2R.

ATI roadmap with big pre-R600 changes

[thumbright]ati_roadmap.jpg[/thumbright]There is a quite shake up here and it looks rather interesting. At the top end the just launched X1950 XTX replaces the X1900 XTX which will be discontinued while the X1900 XT 512MB remains but gains a little brother with 256MB. In the performance sector the hugely disappointing X1900 GT is replaced by the new 256MB X1950 Pro, a card touted by ATI to out perform the 7900 GT (hmmm). It’s based on ATI’s 80nm R570 core with 12 pipes, 36 shaders, a 600 MHz core clock and 1400MHZ GDDR3. This will be the first card to support and internal CrossFire connection, much like SLI. There are other shake ups in the low-end so jump over and take a look.

Want to test the pre-RC1 Vista ISO?

If you want to test the latest build of Vista vist here, and then visit the forums and tell me why we need 3D driven tool bars… After downloading, please install and test the build as soon as possible. Most importantly, if there is a crash, hang, or error ? please make sure that you send the information back to us using the built-in Windows Error Reporting technology (a dialog box will display automatically). Sending this information is essential to helping us improve the overall quality of Windows Vista ? and collecting this information is the primary purpose of distributing this pre-RC1 release.

Core 2 Duo sales low

The Inq has an interesting blurb regarding Core 2 Duo availability. It goes on to prove its point by showing New Egg and Tiger Directs top 10 sales list for processors with AMD holding most places. When Newegg’s top ten seller page was configured to show just processors, eight were from AMD. The two Intel offerings were Core 2 Duo chips – the 2MB devices, which were placed at eighth and ninth positions. The other three Core 2 Duo chips that Newegg sells are 4MB endowed, which start in price from $370 to over a thousand dollars. So those won’t make an appearance on Newegg’s top ten seller page anytime soon, as the most expensive chip on that list is $299. Intel’s limited Core 2 offerings and its inability to get that product to where it’s needed may give AMD a window of opportunity to reap fiscally before the Core 2 Duo becomes more generally available. We all know that Core 2 Duo is better, and we know that if availability wasn’t a problem AMD wouldn’t hold so many top spots with its A64 processors. But is AMD shifting more stock because of Intel?s availability problem? I very much doubt it. All that’s happening here is AMD are selling to those who would buy there products regardless of Core 2 duo availability. My guess is that AMD sales have already been hit with many consumers waiting on the sideline for that E6700 "now in stock" button to light up green.

Violent game ban squashed

A district judge has chucked out a Louisiana law banning the sales of violent video games to minors US District Judge James Brady said the state had no right to stop any distribution of games because they showed violent acts. Brady dubbed the law an "invasion of First Amendment rights" of producers, retailers and kiddies who play the games. He said that depictions of violence are "entitled to full constitutional protection".

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