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OCZ PC2-9000 Ti Alpha VX2 DFI Special Edition

Hot on the heels of Corsair's new DHX memory, OCZ have unveiled the PC2-9000 Ti Alpha VX2 DFI Special Edition, an exclusively engineered series of memory optimized for the new DFI LANParty UT NF590 SLI-M2R.

ATI roadmap with big pre-R600 changes

[thumbright]ati_roadmap.jpg[/thumbright]There is a quite shake up here and it looks rather interesting. At the top end the just launched X1950 XTX replaces the X1900 XTX which will be discontinued while the X1900 XT 512MB remains but gains a little brother with 256MB. In the performance sector the hugely disappointing X1900 GT is replaced by the new 256MB X1950 Pro, a card touted by ATI to out perform the 7900 GT (hmmm). It’s based on ATI’s 80nm R570 core with 12 pipes, 36 shaders, a 600 MHz core clock and 1400MHZ GDDR3. This will be the first card to support and internal CrossFire connection, much like SLI. There are other shake ups in the low-end so jump over and take a look.

Want to test the pre-RC1 Vista ISO?

If you want to test the latest build of Vista vist here, and then visit the forums and tell me why we need 3D driven tool bars… After downloading, please install and test the build as soon as possible. Most importantly, if there is a crash, hang, or error ? please make sure that you send the information back to us using the built-in Windows Error Reporting technology (a dialog box will display automatically). Sending this information is essential to helping us improve the overall quality of Windows Vista ? and collecting this information is the primary purpose of distributing this pre-RC1 release.

Core 2 Duo sales low

The Inq has an interesting blurb regarding Core 2 Duo availability. It goes on to prove its point by showing New Egg and Tiger Directs top 10 sales list for processors with AMD holding most places. When Newegg’s top ten seller page was configured to show just processors, eight were from AMD. The two Intel offerings were Core 2 Duo chips – the 2MB devices, which were placed at eighth and ninth positions. The other three Core 2 Duo chips that Newegg sells are 4MB endowed, which start in price from $370 to over a thousand dollars. So those won’t make an appearance on Newegg’s top ten seller page anytime soon, as the most expensive chip on that list is $299. Intel’s limited Core 2 offerings and its inability to get that product to where it’s needed may give AMD a window of opportunity to reap fiscally before the Core 2 Duo becomes more generally available. We all know that Core 2 Duo is better, and we know that if availability wasn’t a problem AMD wouldn’t hold so many top spots with its A64 processors. But is AMD shifting more stock because of Intel?s availability problem? I very much doubt it. All that’s happening here is AMD are selling to those who would buy there products regardless of Core 2 duo availability. My guess is that AMD sales have already been hit with many consumers waiting on the sideline for that E6700 "now in stock" button to light up green.

Violent game ban squashed

A district judge has chucked out a Louisiana law banning the sales of violent video games to minors US District Judge James Brady said the state had no right to stop any distribution of games because they showed violent acts. Brady dubbed the law an "invasion of First Amendment rights" of producers, retailers and kiddies who play the games. He said that depictions of violence are "entitled to full constitutional protection".

Corsair Introduces DHX Memory guaranteed up to 2.5V

Corsair has unveiled it's latest innovation for high performance module design, Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX) technology.

24/08/06 Hardware Roundup

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Dual Core Processor @ ?225.01 G.Skill DDR2 PC2-6400 HZ (2x1GB) @ 181.52 ViewSonic VX2025wm 20.1" LCD Monitor @ 284.34 AMD Opteron 144 Processor (s939) @ ?83.34 CPU / Motherboard / Memory / Full System Albatron KM51PV-AM2 Geforce 6150 Motherboard @ PC Stats Three Core 2 motherboards from Asus @ Tech Report Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T60p @ TrustedReviews Biostar TForce P965 Deluxe Motherboard Review @ PC Stats Asus P5W DH Deluxe – 975X Core 2 Motherboard @ HotHardware Video Cards / Displays ATI: Recycling Old Cards With New Names @ Hardware Secrets Case / Cooling / PSU nMedia HTPC 280BAV @ Overclockers Online Misc Leipzig screenshot mania @ Bit-tech Razer Barracuda HP-1 Gaming Headphones @ OCIA The Secrets of DaVinci: The Forbidden Manuscript @ ThinkGaming Logitech MX Revolution Laser Mouse @ Techgage Saitek Eclipse II Illuminated Keyboard @ Virtual-Hideout SteelPad QcK Heavy Mouse Surface review @ CyberwizardPit Corsair Flash Readout USB Memory Key @ TrustedReviews ZBoard Gaming Keyboard Review @ Hardware Secrets

K8L slides and details

The Inq has a peice covering HardOCP’s coverage of K8L and it’s independant clock frequency generator per core. I remember covering this back in June, oh well. Check it all out here while the [H] sucks traffic that should be mine 🙂 The Inq article The [H] one The PureOverclock?article predating the [H]?(jump to page 2)

Google trouble in Brazil

It’s possible Google may be shut-down in Brazil and face a $61 million fine if it doesn’t hand over user information associated with one of its social networking sites, Orkut. The case revolves around Google refusing to hand over data on those accused of running criminal activites, including child pornography on google owned Orkut. The problem is that the Sao Paulo based federal prosecutor’s office alleges that pages on Google’s Orkut social networking site are used to promote child porn and other criminal activity. So the prosecutor wants a federal judge to order Google Brazil to hand over the data on users associated with those pages. Google maintains that as the data is housed on a server in the US, the request should be made to Google headquarters in the US.

23/08/06 Hardware Review Roundup

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Dual Core Processor @ ?225.01 G.Skill DDR2 PC2-6400 HZ (2x1GB) @ 181.52 ViewSonic VX2025wm 20.1" LCD Monitor @ 284.34 AMD Opteron 144 Processor (s939) @ ?84.60 CPU / Motherboard / Memory / Full System Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Overclocking @ 3DGameMan OCZ DDR2 PC2-8000 Platinum EL XTC 1Gb Kit @ CPU3D EVGA nForce4 SLI x16 Motherboard @ Motherboards Win a Conroe E6300 and help a good cause @ techPowerUp! Mushkin Redline XP 2-8000 DDR2 Dual Kit Memory @ Technic3D (Ger) All Core 2 Duo Models @ Hardware Secrets Video Cards / Displays Sapphire X1900 XT 512mb @ XSReviews Oppo Digital LT-2007 LCD TV @ Digital Trends Philips 42PF9831D 42-inch Ambilight LCD TV @ Digital Trends MSI GeForce NX7600GT-VT2D256E @ Viper Lair ASUS Geforce 7950GX2 @ 3D Avenue HIS 1900XTX 512MB CrossFire Video Cards @ 3DGameMan Case / Cooling / PSU Enermax Galaxy 1000W PSU @ Hardware Secrets Thermalright Ultra-120 Low Noise Heatsink @ Frostytech SilverStone LC-19 Slim SFF Case @ MTB 700W GameXStream & 620W Enermax Liberty @ HotHardware Misc Matrix Orbital MX610 @ ASE Labs Bluegears Fans Reviewed @ MetkuMods Logisys HD-Silencer @ ExtensiveMods Altec Lansing iM500 Portable Audio System @ ThinkComputers Razer Barracuda Headset @ Techgage Verbatim 4GB Store ?n? Go USB HD Disk @ GamePyre

ATI Radeon X1950 XTX reviews

All the reviews released today as ATI’s NDA expired, enjoy! Anandtech Bit-tech Bjorn 3D Driver Heaven Firing Squad [H]ard|OCP Hardware Zone HEXUS Hot Hardware Legit Reviews techPowerUp Tech Report The Inquirer Guru3D

Nvidia to introduce 80nm as early as September

HKEPC has said that Nvidia will be releasing an 80nm part this September which may end up being the Geforce 7650. It’s quite normal in the GPU industry for a new process to be fine tuned on lower end parts. 80nm will probably surface on more high end parts as we move into 2007. The new chip has two versions, G73-N-B1 and G73-H-B1. Besides manufacturing process improvement, G73-N-B1 hasn?t got much changes to the 90nm version. It?s pin-to-pin compatible to 90nm version, sharing the original P345 PCB design. Manufacturers are able to shift to new product at the first time. Another version, G73-H-B1, is designed for home theater. It has build-in HDMI and HDCP supported, and hence lower the cost for HTCP graphic solution.

21/08/06 ‘wheres the hot weather gone’ Hardware Roundup

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Dual Core Processor @ ?225.01 G.Skill DDR2 PC2-6400 HZ (2x1GB) @ 181.52 ViewSonic VX2025wm 20.1" LCD Monitor @ 284.34 AMD Opteron 144 Processor (s939) @ ?83.34 CPU / Motherboard / Memory / Full System Conroe Core 2 Duo E6600 @ XSReviews ASUS Pundit P1-AH1 review @ NordicHardware ASUS P5ND2-SLI Deluxe Motherboard @ Motherboards OCZ 2GB Gold PC2-8800? @ Techgage Gateway NX100X Laptop @ Digital Trends G.Skill F2-6400CL4D 2GB DDR2 Memory @ Virtual-Hideout Video Cards / Displays EVGA 7900 GT KO Superclocked @ Technic3D (Ger) ATI Theater 650 Pro & Catalyst Media Center @ HotHardware Case / Cooling / PSU OCZ GameXStream 700W @ techPowerUp! Enermax Galaxy 1000W Power Supply @ 3DGameMan Thermalright MST-9775 @ Overclockers Online Sansun Galaxy Midi Tower Chassis @ Techniz Thermaltake Armor Jr. Case @ ThinkComputers Misc Dark Star One game review @ Bit-tech Sumo’s Omni bean bag chair @ Tech Report (what?) Enermax Aurora Keyboard @ TrustedReviews

Motherboard makers back away from ATI chipsets for Intel

What to make of this one for future implications? According to this article, motherboard makers are becoming increasingly concerned that the AMD-ATI merger will cause a shortage of ATI chipsets supporting Intel’s platform. Both ECS and Gigabyte show concern. ATI’s RD600 is already rumoured to be something quite special, but where does that leave this chipset? Supply could be a problem. The impact of a combined AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)-ATI Technologies has begun to be felt in Taiwan, with motherboard makers likely to reduce or even suspend their efforts to develop Intel-based motherboards built utilizing chipsets from ATI, while switching more resources to manufacturing models with ATI’s AMD-based chipsets, according to sources at Taiwan motherboard makers.

ATI’s Catalyst 6.8 released

ATI have just released the Catalyist 6.8 driver set even though?I just got my Core 2 Duo rig with CrossFire setup two hours ago and downloaded the 6.7’s, grrrrrr! Grab them XP drivers here: Cat 6.8 Performance improvements: OpenGL ? Improved shader compiler and transform engine optimizations have led to many significant performance gains in OpenGL applications across the entire Radeon X1000 Series of products: Doom 3 performance improves as much as 6.5% Quake 4 (v1.2 or higher) performance improves as much as 18% Chronicles of Riddick performance improves as much as 20%.? Average improvements of 5-10% are commonly seen. Prey performance improves as much as 16%. Direct3D ? Optimizations made to ATI?s graphics memory manager have led to significant gains in applications that make heavy use of graphics memory on 256MB ATI graphics cards: 3DMark06 performance improves as much as 22% on the Radeon X1000 Series of products in single card configurations with 256MB of graphics memory at 1280×1024 and anti-aliasing enabled.? The largest gains are found on the ATI Radeon X1800 Series and Radeon X1900 Series of products.? Call of Duty 2 performance improves as much as 30% on single Radeon X550 cards or higher with 256MB of video memory at 1280×1024 and anti-aliasing enabled.? The largest gains are found on the ATI Radeon X1800 Series and Radeon X1900 Series of products

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