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Zalman VF900-Cu Videocard Heatsink @ FrostyTech

Posted July 7, 2006 by admin in News

Snip: The companies newest videocard heatsink is called the Zalman VF900-Cu, and it offers wider GPU compatibility with the large variety of ATI and nVidia videocards that on the market. In fact, five different mounting hole styles are supported! Unlike the ZM80D-HP which used heatpipes and front and rear mounted aluminum cooling fins, the Zalman VF900-Cu occupies space on the front of the videocard only. Measuring about 96mm in diameter, the VF900-Cu is entirely constructed of copper components, with two 5mm diameter heatpipes looping around the outside of its many thin cooling fins.

Zalman VF900-Cu Videocard Heatsink @ FrostyTech


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