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Extreme Lian Li cooling mod @ Bit-tech

Is this the most extreme cooling mod we’ve seen? We follow the progression of a PC70 mod that not only adds a Prometia box on the bottom, but a watercooling box on top. Some Orac-style sleeving and neat lighting effects makes this a great build! Extreme Lian Li cooling mod @ Bit-tech

Sapphire Liquid Cooled Radeon X1900 XTX TOXIC @ Trusted Reviews

Snip: Clock speeds aside, what makes this card unique is its cooling solution. Instead of the reference air cooler that is so noisy noisy that I keep a set of ear plugs in my desk drawer, Sapphire has chosen to use a self-contained liquid cooling kit. As you can see, the actual cooler and the card are separate units, so it will require a spare expansion slot to accommodate this. The main graphics card has nothing but a waterblock on it, while the cooling unit contains the reservoir, pump, copper radiator and cooling fan. It is pre-filled, so you’re ready to go straight out of the box. But if you need to top up the coolant or even replace it ? this is easily done. Sapphire Liquid Cooled Radeon X1900 XTX TOXIC @ Trusted Reviews

Galaxy announce dual-GPU 7600 GT

Galaxy today have announced a new card in their line-up, and this one is more unique than most. The Galaxy Masterpiece dual-7600 GT as you may have guessed by now is a dual-core solution based on two 7600 GT cores which are set on a single PCB. You may vaguely remember Asus doing something like this with 6800GT’s a while back. click to enlarge Front Top… Naked? Back You get 2x256MB framebuffers, and it’s clocked at 570/700. Stock clocked (570/700) 7600 GT SLI performs somewhere in-between a 7900 GT and 7900 GTX so at the right price this could be an interesting product for sure. You do lose the ability (at least in the current situation) to drop in another card for SLI, but the guys at Galaxy did add that if Nvidia would release drivers that support SLI without the need for a bridge it may allow for some cheap quad SLI action!

AMD silently release Dual-Core optimization driver

AMD has silently released a utility that fixes time stamp counter (TSC) issues with dual-core AMD processors such as the Athlon 64 X2 and Opteron. The AMD Dual-Core Optimizer utility is a driver that synchronizes the time stamp counter on both processor cores and improves game compatibility and performance. Time stamp counter issues occur in older games that are incompatible with multithreading and would run too fast or out of sync. "The AMD Dual-Core Optimizer utility could possibly be the rumored ?Reverse Hyper-Threading? patch that would improve single thread application and games performance by having dual-core processors show up as a single core processor in applications. AMD has declined to comment on "Reverse Hyper-Threading." I very?much doubt it’s the RHT driver, but you never know because AMD has declined to comment.?You can grab the Dual-Core Optimizer utility version 1.0 here.

Logitech V450 Laser Wireless Notebook Mouse @ Techgage

Snip: If you have been waiting for the killer laptop mouse to come along, this may be your best bet. Not only is it wireless, it has an incredibly tiny receiver. It also estimates 1 year of usage per battery replacement. But… is it worth your $50? Logitech V450 Laser Wireless Notebook Mouse @ Techgage

ATIs RV570 to come in September

In September ATI will launch its RV570 parts, which will have quite an impact on there current lineup, perhaps for the better – if they can limit the confusion. According to the source there will be two SKU’s, both will use the X1900 GT brand. "The cards are codenamed Hellfire 1 and Hellfire 2 and will run at 600 or 650MHz core, depending on the SKU, while the memory will run at 1100MHz. The Hellfire 2 uses GDDR 3 memory with a 256-bit memory interface and its memory runs faster than on Hellfire 1. Hellfire 2, Radeon X1900GT at 650MHz core and 1100MHz memory is the replacement for Radeon X1900XT that is supposed to phase out slowly." So, it seems that Helfire 1 will replace the current X1900 GT, and the Hellfire 2 card will replace the X1900 XT. RV570 should feature?a 256-bit memory bus and it will feature the Crossfire bridge chip inside the core, so no need for mastercards.

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