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Galaxy announce dual-GPU 7600 GT

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Posted July 7, 2006 by admin in News

Galaxy today have announced a new card in their line-up, and this one is more unique than most. The Galaxy Masterpiece dual-7600 GT as you may have guessed by now is a dual-core solution based on two 7600 GT cores which are set on a single PCB. You may vaguely remember Asus doing something like this with 6800GT’s a while back.

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You get 2x256MB framebuffers, and it’s clocked at 570/700. Stock clocked (570/700) 7600 GT SLI performs somewhere in-between a 7900 GT and 7900 GTX so at the right price this could be an interesting product for sure.

You do lose the ability (at least in the current situation) to drop in another card for SLI, but the guys at Galaxy did add that if Nvidia would release drivers that support SLI without the need for a bridge it may allow for some cheap quad SLI action!

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