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ATIs RV570 to come in September

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Posted July 4, 2006 by admin in News

In September ATI will launch its RV570 parts, which will have quite an impact on there current lineup, perhaps for the better – if they can limit the confusion.

According to the source there will be two SKU’s, both will use the X1900 GT brand.

"The cards are codenamed Hellfire 1 and Hellfire 2 and will run at 600 or 650MHz core, depending on the SKU, while the memory will run at 1100MHz. The Hellfire 2 uses GDDR 3 memory with a 256-bit memory interface and its memory runs faster than on Hellfire 1.

Hellfire 2, Radeon X1900GT at 650MHz core and 1100MHz memory is the replacement for Radeon X1900XT that is supposed to phase out slowly."

So, it seems that Helfire 1 will replace the current X1900 GT, and the Hellfire 2 card will replace the X1900 XT. RV570 should feature?a 256-bit memory bus and it will feature the Crossfire bridge chip inside the core, so no need for mastercards.

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