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Abit and DFI tackle ATI’s CrossFire Xpress 3200 @ Tech Report

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Posted July 7, 2006 by admin in News

Snip: Back in the day, Abit made arguably the best enthusiast-oriented motherboards around. Abit boards were sought after for their extra onboard peripherals and overclocking-friendly BIOSes. Performance wasn’t too shabby either, but the competition adapted quickly. Soon others were offering mobos with similar features and overclocking options, although continued innovation allowed Abit to retain its BIOS crown.

Then, just a couple of years ago, Abit became embroiled in financial difficulties that would drag on and eventually see the company purchased by USI. Abit lost a lot of ground during that time, but with USI’s backing, the company is now focusing almost exclusively on motherboards in an attempt to regain its former glory.

Looking back, the timeline of Abit’s decline nearly matches the rise of DFI. For years, DFI was best known for OEM and industrial products, but recently it’s built a series of exceptional enthusiast-oriented LANParty boards. Those boards have offered unique designs, plenty of BIOS options, and a penchant for running at higher-than-stock speeds that’s made them particularly popular among overclockers.

With some calling DFI the new Abit, we thought it only fitting to pit these two companies’ latest Athlon 64 motherboards against each other head to head. Can the LANParty UT CFX3200-DR continue DFI’s streak of killer Athlon 64 mobos, or will Abit’s AT8 32X rise like a Phoenix to retake the enthusiast motherboard crown? Read on to find out.

Abit and DFI tackle ATI’s CrossFire Xpress 3200 @ Tech Report

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