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Archive for October 25th, 2021

AMD silently release Dual-Core optimization driver

AMD has silently released a utility that fixes time stamp counter (TSC) issues with dual-core AMD processors such as the Athlon 64 X2 and Opteron. The AMD Dual-Core Optimizer utility is a driver that synchronizes the time stamp counter on both processor cores and improves game compatibility and performance. Time stamp counter issues occur in older games that are incompatible with multithreading and would run too fast or out of sync. "The AMD Dual-Core Optimizer utility could possibly be the rumored ?Reverse Hyper-Threading? patch that would improve single thread application and games performance by having dual-core processors show up as a single core processor in applications. AMD has declined to comment on "Reverse Hyper-Threading." I very?much doubt it’s the RHT driver, but you never know because AMD has declined to comment.?You can grab the Dual-Core Optimizer utility version 1.0 here.

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