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AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (AM2) Overclocking @ Tech Spot

We have been doing a lot of testing with the new processors designed for the AM2 platform. Combined with the amazing ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard, we found the Athlon 64 3800+ could reach quite incredible frequencies. Next in line for testing was the more affordable Athlon 64 3000+ that we are testing today. Without wasting too much time in dream land I fired up my web browser, headed over to a local supplier and quickly made the purchase, which worked out to be just $90.?We say a 900MHz overclock out of stock cooling is not too shabby. Read on for more details as we experiment with the Athlon 64 3000+ Socket AM2. AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (AM2) Overclocking @ Tech Spot

Vapochill Lightspeed Dress-up Kit @ BoPC

The Asetek Vapochill Dress up kit is a nice addition to the original aluminum look, especially if you have a different colored case. The replacement panels also mean that you can get new ones in case you have damaged yours by accident. The anodized color on these panels is fairly thin, so be careful when your trying to mount them. Vapochill Lightspeed Dress-up Kit @ BoPC

Asus EN7900GT TOP 7900 GT @ HotHardware

It’s the midrange that the most sales will be made in, and where we will focus our attention on today. Asus’ latest release in this field is the EN7900GT TOP, based on the NVIDIA 7900GT GPU. As we alluded to earlier, the 7900GT is an updated version of the 7800GTX, formerly NVIDIA’s high-end GPU but with a smaller die size and, as result, higher clock speeds. However, the architecture really hasn’t changed otherwise. Are some higher speeds and an updated bundle worth a new purchase? Read on and find out… Asus EN7900GT TOP 7900 GT @ HotHardware

OCZ GameXStream 700W PSU @ Techgage

Have a beefy system that requires a large PSU, but don’t want to suffer with an ugly unit? OCZ recently released their GameXStream series which are designed with gamers specifically in mind, and promise to deliver "XStream" performance. OCZ GameXStream 700W PSU @ Techgage

Coolermaster eXtreme Power Duo 650W PSU @ Pro-Clockers

Snip: Coolermaster is known the world over for making some of the greatest cases of all time. With production runs from the ATCS up to the newest Stacker 830, there is no denying that Coolermaster is one of the tops when it comes to cases. Well, today they were cool enough to send over one of their newest products for us to test and write up. The Extreme Power Duo 650 Watt power supply. The unit boasts all of power and low noise characteristics. Is it enough to warrant a place in your case? Lets see. Coolermaster eXtreme Power Duo 650W PSU @ Pro-Clockers

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard @ techPowerUp!

Snip: Logitech has produced something every gamer needs. A keyboard with backlighting, usable in the dark. It will make the use of your World of Warcraft or Counterstrike key binds easy to use and out of the way. Even the LCD is useful, with sheer endless possibilities. Once again the quality and details of this input device is just what we have come to expect and love from Logitech – perfect in every aspect. Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard @ techPowerUp!

Foxconn 975X7AA-8EKRS2H 975X Motherboard @ Viper Lair

Snip: Although not likely to recommend this board to someone well versed in overclocking I would still whole heartily recommend it to someone looking to get into overclocking and looking for a user friendly, feature packed board. This is Foxconn’s first go at the 975 chipset and I feel for the entry level enthusiast it is a solid choice, there’s no doubt that future Foxconn boards based on this chipset will pick up where this one left off. Foxconn 975X7AA-8EKRS2H 975X Motherboard @ Viper Lair

Core 2 Duo reviews from the web

The Core 2 Duo NDA lifted today, and here's most of the reviews and previews from all the usual suspects, enjoy!

EVGA gearing up big launch in UK

[thumbright]301-256-p2-n569-sg-large.jpg[/thumbright] EVGA’s tasty Signature Series You will no doubt have already heard of EVGA, one of the largest sellers of Nvidia based GPU’s in the USA and with good reason, they offer what is probably the best after sales support in the industry, and some seriously tasty cards to boot. Within a week you should start to see EVGA?s full line-up available in full force here in the UK. As reported late in 2005 by Hexus, EVGA set up base in Munich, but now its summer 2006 and they’re ready to take the UK market by storm! You can already see the first signs of this at Scan who have the EVGA 7950GX2 available, but expect all the major retailers such as Ebuyer, Scan, Tekheads, Dabs, OCUK, Aria (list goes on and on) to have cards available very soon. Why is this significant in an already saturated market, I hear you cry? Well how about the 10 year warranty, 24/7 technical support by phone and 24 hour reply by email that EVGA claim to be offering to UK customers. What about a 3 working day turnaround on RMA’s for most cards, and 24 hour turn around on their top-end Signature Series? Not to mention they manufacture some of the fastest overclocked cards out there. Jump on over to EVGA’s website to see there line-up, and get ready for an explosion of UK reviews!

Firefox 2 beta ready for debut

CNET reports that Mozilla is ready to release the beta of Firefox 2. According to reports, the beta version comes with a built-in antiphishing tool, improved search box capabilities and an integrated spell checker. Changes have also been made to the RSS support. As of yet not much more is known about the new feature for FF2. Release candidate 3 of the beta can be downloaded here, and the non-rc beta will be released later this week for those who want to try it.

AM2 motherboards MSI and ASUS @ DNRhardware

Snip: AM2 AMD`s next thing. Is it any good? We think so. Although it`s not a real big performance boost over s939 it?s becoming a really good alternative with a lot of potential. We tested both the MSI K9N SLI Platinum and ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe wireless edition check it out AM2 motherboards MSI and ASUS @ DNRhardware

EVGA e-GeForce 7900GTX 512MB @ Motherboards

Snip: One thing that sets EVGA apart from other companies is the support EVGA puts behind each and every product they sell. If you go onto EVGA’s message boards, it is clear that they care about the customer. Lifetime Warranty, 24/7 Toll free technical support phone- line, and a 90-day Step-Up program add up to make EVGA the choice for NVIDIA products. That and being the fastest SLI setup available can go a long way. A set of overclocked 7900GTX cards by EVGA is about as fast as it can get for out of the box performance. EVGA e-GeForce 7900GTX 512MB @ Motherboards

08/07/06 Hardware Roundup

Deals Intel Pentium D 805 Dual Core Processor @ ?79.95 AMD Opteron 144 Processor (s939) @ ?115.97 XFX GeForce 7900 GT Video Card @ 176.25 Connect3D Radeon X1900 XT Video Card @ ?240.29 CPU / Motherboard / Memory / Full System EPoX 9U1697 GLI @ Noticias3D GEIL Ultra Platinum PC3200 Memory Review @ MadboxPC Crucial PC2-8000 DDR2 Memory @ 3DGameMan MSI Mega mPC 945 SFF PC @ HotHardware Video Cards / Displays Samsung 21" LCD @ Bit-tech Case / Cooling / PSU Thermalright XP90-C @ techPowerUp! Asys Freedom CK-1022-6 Tower Case @ OCIA Overclocking the Athlon AMD XP-M chip @ TechDomain Misc Creative Zen Aurvana In-Ear Headphones @ Trusted Reviews Canon’s PowerShot S3 IS Reviewed @ BIOS Space Rangers 2 PC Game @ GamePyre

Budget HDTV Roundup @ Trusted Reviews

Snip: I?m generally of the opinion that you get what you pay for. I?ve seen too many budget products that are supposed to be ?as good as the big brands? but very rarely are. This is never more true than in the television market ? how can that TV stuck on the end of an aisle at Tesco be so cheap? Because it?s not very good, that?s how. So when I decided to round up a few budget 32in high definition televisions, I wasn?t holding out much hope as far as quality goes. One thing?s for sure though, this Evesham is head and shoulders above the other two TVs in this feature. Budget HDTV Roundup @ Trusted Reviews

Corsair Twin2X2048-8500C5 2GB DDR2 @ Virtual-Hideout

Snip: If you’re in the market for one of the best DDR2 memory kits that money can currently buy, you should put this Corsair Twin2X2048-8500C5 on your short list. Cheap it isn’t, but Corsair is one of the few names in the industry that it’s actually worth paying more for, because you know you’re getting top quality. Corsair Twin2X2048-8500C5 2GB DDR2 @ Virtual-Hideout

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