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Saikano DVD Box Set @ ThinkComputers

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Posted June 4, 2006 by admin in News

Snip: Anime, I love it! I always have, I have been collecting and watching all sorts of Anime for over 25 years now and even at my age I still enjoy watching it. Today for review I have the first in a series of reviews from VIZ media who specializes in all sorts of Anime and Manga related media and much more. Well for review I have the box set of Saikano, it is the entire series on two DVD’s. I don’t know what I like doing more, video game reviews or Anime related reviews, it’s so nice that my work involves me sitting down and watching Anime, no tests, no real work involved in doing it, I get to sit and relax and enjoy myself. Let’s check it out and maybe you will get Saikano and enjoy it as much as me.

Full review @ ThinkComputers

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