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Liveblogging Half Life 2: episode one @ Bit-tech

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Posted June 3, 2006 by admin in News

Snip: Erk, this is actually really scary and quite explicit. I’m making my way underground, and I’m taking on Combine zombies with headcrabs attached to them – as Alyx calls them, ‘Zombines’. (Yeah, she’s hilarious).

There is an incredible amount of gore, and you’re in pitch black save for your flashlight. The Zombines are pretty suicidal, running at you with grenades.

I finally got a gun! Hurrah! Only two hours into the game. I’ve never been so happy to see a trusty pistol. Despite the horror gameplay, it’s very much linear – run through this room, take out these guys, move onto the next room, wait for enemies to attack, take them out, flick switch to go into next room – I’m sticking with it because I’m praying for some storyline progression pretty soon.

Full blog thingy @ Bit-tech

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