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Coverage of AMD’s 4×4, new mobile core @ Tech Report

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Posted June 4, 2006 by admin in News

Tech Report’s Scott Wasson?has written up a couple of reports from AMD’s Technology Analyst Day.? The first is about AMD’s new "mobile-specific" CPU core currently in development, with some explanation of what makes this CPU specific to mobile applications–and what doesn’t.? This could be the processor that makes AMD competitive in ultraportable laptops and even smaller devices.

New AMD mobile CPU core revealed @ Tech Report

The next is a more detailed look at AMD’s new "4×4" effort to convert the Athlon 64 FX into a dually platform.? Included is an explanation of what the move into licensing coherent HyperTransport could mean for future high-end gaming rigs (think killer coprocessors) and a minor digression about how DIYers are getting the shaft.? Sort of.

AMD ‘4×4’ dually enthusiast platform detailed @ Tech Report

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