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ATI’s new RD600 chipset details

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Posted June 2, 2006 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

In the next few days ATI are set to announce their new Intel Crossfire platform, RD600. It will be compatible with Intels new Conroe processor and support some tasty new features.

ATi RD600 also provides Automatic PCIe Over clocking technology, which is similar to the Boostlink function of nVidia nForce 590SLi. When X1800 or X1900 is detected, the FSB of PCI-E would be raised to 125 MHz or even 150 MHz from 100 MHz automatically. On the mean while, ATi would release ASM for Windows platform, like the nTune by nVidia, providing tweaking options including FSB, Memory Clock, PCIe Clock, Memory Timings and Voltage Adjustment.

Furthermore, it has 48 PCI-E Lanes and supports for 3 PCI-E slots, 2 for CrossFire and 1 for Physics Acceleration. More details for ATi Physics Acceleration will be announced during Computex 2006. For the south bridge, SB600 will be used and it may eventually be coupled with SB650. Now we have no more news for SB650 and RD600 is expected to be launched in the summer.

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