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AMD announces dual-socket enthusiast targeted “4×4” platform

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Posted June 1, 2006 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

At it’s technology analyst meeting today, AMD announced something rather extreme to fight off Intel’s new ray of light, Conroe. The counter-attack is a new dual socket desktop platform called 4×4 which will allow end-users to run two dual-core socket AM2 processors in tandem.

Unlike dual-Opteron motherboards, 4×4 will use mainstream unbuffered DDR2, but will still retain AMD’s Direct Connect architecture, which provides a dedicated channel from each of the CPU cores out to the system memory.

The 4×4 name/brand appears to have come about because of the potential to run two dual-core CPUs (the first digit 4) and two dual-GPU video cards (the other digit 4). Those crazy marketing lads at AMD, eh?

This new platform is squarely aimed at enthusiasts with deep pockets. While this is not true Conroe competition (too expensive i bet), it does appear that 4×4 will continue to keep alive AMD’s reputation as a company who recognises us enthusiast are important. Nice to know someone cares 🙂

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