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Archive for June 13th, 2021

Conroe at 4.95GHz

We’ve all seen those stunning bnechmark around of Conroe at 3GHz, or perhaps even 3.8GHz, but at Dreamhack Summer 2006, two hardcore overclocks managed to get the E6700 upto 4.95GHz! Using a cascade at 4.73GHz they demolished the current 3D Mark ’05 WR with an unvelievable score of 26,278, over 6000 more than the current record. DreamHack Summer 2006 has come to and end and most of us from NordicHardware has just arrived at home or are on the verge of it at least. Some of the people who kept going to the very last minute at DH in NordicHardware’s booth was Crotale which seemed impossible to separate from their bench system, which actually didn’t receive its final ingredients until Monday evening, an Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 and a cooler ambience after moving into Elmia’s C hall.

LanWar 2006’s 8 Best Case Mods @ ThinkComputers

Snip: There are always a few major events every year that become the modders deadlines where they slave away for hours with a Dremel in hand attempting to finish up their case by the upcoming LAN. On the east coast that LAN is LanWar (aka MillionManLAN) and this year there were no doubt a handful of great mods to be seen. ThinkComputers.org sought out the best 8 mods found in the BYOC LanWar 2006’s 8 Best Case Mods @ ThinkComputers

Nintendo DS Lite is Hefty on Features @ OCModShop

Snip: Yesterday was hot and humid for 11am. Waiting for my pre-ordered Nintendo DS Lite was a nightmare, as I and other DS hopefuls stood in a line long enough to curve around the building. Too many sweaty, stinky, pimple-faced teenage boys were in front of me because unfortunately, I was the only girl in a crowd of around fifty people. It was awkward, but I dealt with it so I could get my hands on the new Nintendo DS Lite. Nintendo DS Lite is Hefty on Features @ OCModShop

Thermaltake Armor Jr. Aluminum Case @ Tweaknews

Snip: With the addition of the Armor Jr., Thermaltake continues an impressive track record of marketing innovative computer cases with excellent features and outstanding performance. A sleek look, large side window and superb cooling performance only add to its appeal. Add configuration flexibility into the mix, and I think you’ll agree that the Armor Jr. is a very nice case, indeed. Thermaltake Armor Jr. Aluminum Case?@ Tweaknews

Logisys Black Illuminated Keyboard @ Techgage

Snip: Do you enjoy things that light up? Well, how about your keyboard? Logisys recently released a line of new office keyboards. Not only do they offer much functionality, they also offer lots of purty blue lights. Full review @ Techgage

Foxconn NF4SLI7AA-8EKRS2 @ Motherboard

Snip: FOXCONN has done a good job with the NF4SLI7AA-EKRS2 motherboard. The board supports CPUs up to the 8xx series, with the 9xx series requiring a nForce 5 for Intel board instead or a 975 board from Intel Otherwise, for the street price of $119, the NF4SLI7AA-EKRS2 is an excellent buy for people wanting an SLI motherboard and a Intel CPU of the 8xx series or prior. Performance on the NF4SLI7AA-8EKRS2 is exemplary in most respects. Foxconn NF4SLI7AA-8EKRS2 @ Motherboard

Nintendo DS Lite @ Techgage

Snip: After 19 months, Nintendo has released an upgrade to the DS… but is it worthy? Nintendo paid attention to what people did not like about the original, and took care of it. We are taking a fresh look at the DS, and find out what the new revision has over the first. Nintendo DS Lite @ Techgage

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