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Archive for June 15th, 2021

Saikano DVD Box Set @ ThinkComputers

Snip: Anime, I love it! I always have, I have been collecting and watching all sorts of Anime for over 25 years now and even at my age I still enjoy watching it. Today for review I have the first in a series of reviews from VIZ media who specializes in all sorts of Anime and Manga related media and much more. Well for review I have the box set of Saikano, it is the entire series on two DVD’s. I don’t know what I like doing more, video game reviews or Anime related reviews, it’s so nice that my work involves me sitting down and watching Anime, no tests, no real work involved in doing it, I get to sit and relax and enjoy myself. Let’s check it out and maybe you will get Saikano and enjoy it as much as me. Full review @ ThinkComputers

Sapphire’s Radeon X1800XT 512 MB video card @ TekBunker

Snip: Today I am reviewing Sapphire’s Radeon X1800XT 512 MB DDR3 Graphics card. This card is of the first generation of ATI video card’s to use Shader mark 3.0 and pixel shader 3.0. The card features only 16 pipe’s, but don’t let that fool you as the clock speeds on this card are very high. Full review @ TekBunker

Thermaltake Armor Jr. VC3000 Case @ OCIA

Snip: The Armor Jr. is the little brother to the Armor VA8000 series of full tower cases, with the famed aesthetic appeal, in a mid-tower size. Just like the Armor VA8000 series, the Armor Jr. VC3000 series is fully ATX and BTX compatible with an optional BTX upgrade kit from Thermaltake. Full review @ OCIA

OCZ DDR2 PC2-8000 Platinum EL XTC memory @ Pro-Clockers

Snip: Ok, I am going to read you future, it begins like this. You are planning to upgrade. Correct? Chances are you will be upgrading to a sweet nice Intel Conroe or an AMD AM2. Correct? Alone with that new processor, there will be a new motherboard to go alone with that, correct? Ok, I am two for two. Last prediction, you will need some new memory, right? The ram that you will be buying will be the new OCZ DDR2 PC2-8000 Platinum Enhanced Latency XTC. OK, enough of the John Edward want-to-be intro. OCZ was cool enough to send over a set of their newest DDR2 ram. Let?s check it out. Full review @ Pro-Clockers

Biostar TForce 6100 AM2 Motherboard @ PC Stats

Snip: The spec sheet for the Biostar TForce 6100 AM2 reads like a check list of things you’ll actually need in a computer; Gigabit network card, 7.1 channel audio, Geforce 6 series graphics, two Serial ATA II (3.0Gbps) channels and two IDE channels (thanks to the nForce 410 Southbridge). If you find the integrated GeForce 6100 videocard is too weak, there is a PCI Express x16 expansion slot for stand alone videocards. The four DDR-2 DIMM slots can accommodate up to 4GB of DDR-2 400/533/667/800 memory, and of course the motherboard supports Socket AM2 Athlon64 X2/FX and Sempron processors. Full review @ PC Stats

QPAD XT-R gaming surface @ techPowerUp!

Snip: QPAD’s new XT-R gaming surface features an arched design which gives you more usable area for your mouse. The mat is made from hard plastic Carbytek and offers extreme precision for high-speed gaming. We evaluate the gaming performance against the Razer Mantis and the SteelPad 5L to see what kind of difference it makes. Full review @ techPowerUp!

Sapphire X1900 XT video card @Technic3D (ger)

Snip: As god the High-End Gamer Graphic Card X1900 XT from Sapphire really. Technic3D will see that with Overclocking. It becomes hot. Do you think they used a translator for that sentance? Full review @ Technic3D (ger)

Zalman HD160 HTPC Home Theater PC Case Review @ Tweaknews.net

Snip: In typical Zalman fashion, the HD160 HTPC case comes to the market with impressive design elements, a rich feature set, outstanding materials and build quality, and the best cooling performance I’ve seen in this type of chassis. More importantly for a niche product like this, the HD160 can do its job in virtual silence. The HD160 also lets the builder choose components based on specifications, not size. A remote control and VFD panel are just icing on the cake for this product. Full review @ Tweaknews

Coverage of AMD’s 4×4, new mobile core @ Tech Report

Tech Report’s Scott Wasson?has written up a couple of reports from AMD’s Technology Analyst Day.? The first is about AMD’s new "mobile-specific" CPU core currently in development, with some explanation of what makes this CPU specific to mobile applications–and what doesn’t.? This could be the processor that makes AMD competitive in ultraportable laptops and even smaller devices. New AMD mobile CPU core revealed @ Tech Report The next is a more detailed look at AMD’s new "4×4" effort to convert the Athlon 64 FX into a dually platform.? Included is an explanation of what the move into licensing coherent HyperTransport could mean for future high-end gaming rigs (think killer coprocessors) and a minor digression about how DIYers are getting the shaft.? Sort of. AMD ‘4×4’ dually enthusiast platform detailed @ Tech Report

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