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Samsung SyncMaster 215TW – 21in Monitor @ Trusted Reviews

Snip: The 20in widescreen monitor has become very popular over the past year or so, and it?s easy to see why. With more and more games supporting widescreen aspect ratios, a decent size, widescreen display with a high, but still graphics card friendly resolution seems like the perfect solution. But Samsung has pushed this concept just a little bit further with the SyncMaster 215TW, which sports a 21in widescreen panel rather than the more usual 20in Samsung SyncMaster 215TW – 21in Monitor @ Trusted Reviews

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard @ ASE Labs

Snip: The keyboard contains the extra programmable keys on the left but also contains many more features that set this keyboard apart from other keyboards. There is a lack of extra keys. Those are what I call the "BS" keys such as email and homepage keys or other sort of quick launch buttons. It makes the keyboard look too cluttered. In the center located at the top left is the Windows key disable switch which is VERY useful for a gaming keyboard. No need to pop off your keys if you keep hitting the Windows key. This switch is hardwired and does not require software. There is a mute button and a backlight button on the top right and both do not need software to function. Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard @ ASE Labs

GeForce 7950 GX2 retail roundup @ Bit-tech

Snip: The XFX is undoubtedly the fastest of the five GeForce 7950 GX2’s on test, but it is also the most expensive by a considerable margin – at over ?527 including VAT, it represents very poor value for money, especially when you consider performance over a wide range of games. Indeed, there are occasions where its higher clock frequencies don’t result in higher playable image quality settings. Of course, gameplay is slightly smoother and the performance gap will increase at higher resolutions. However, as we have already mentioned, we feel that gaming at 2560×1600 is limited to Quad SLI for the foreseeable future. GeForce 7950 GX2 retail roundup @ Bit-tech

Cooljag AMA-P AM2 Cooler @ Pro-Clockers

Snip: Just last week reviewed one of the first Cooljag coolers, the AMA-H, assigned to work on the AMD AM2 platform. It was aimed at totally replacing the stock OEM unit and adding just a touch more performance. Today, Cooljag has sent us another cooler that should top the AMA-H, the AMA-P. The AMA-P is a light heavyweight that is sure to pass up the H version due to it being completely made of copper. Let?s see how well it does. Cooljag AMA-P AM2 Cooler @ Pro-Clockers

Thermaltake Muse LanDisk external HDD enclosure @ A1 Electronics

Snip: Today we are reviewing the latest Muse LanDisk external 3.5" IDE enclosure which not only looks great but is an ideal storage system which lets you use either a Lan or USB connection. Thermaltake Muse LanDisk external HDD enclosure @ A1 Electronics

Day of Defeat: Source Updates Impressions @ Techgage

Snip: Valve has unleashed a new DoD: Source update, and this one is a winner. Included is a brand new mode, Detonation, which will be familiar to some CS players. Two new maps and the film grain graphic effect are also included. We give our first impressions inside. Day of Defeat: Source Updates Impressions @ Techgage

Dell 2407WFP 24 inch widescreen monitor @ Bit-tech

Snip: Dell has become one of the first brands that hardcore geeks like us look to when choosing a monitor. Isn’t that bizarre? Despite the ‘Dull’ brand so often associated with it, recent years have seen the Texas firm redefine the TFT market with some great monitors at insane prices. Dell 2407WFP 24 inch widescreen monitor @ Bit-tech

Epox 9U1697-GLI K8 s939 Motherboard @ PC Stats

Snip: The Epox 9U1697 GLI motherboard that’s passing through the PCSTATS test labs today is based on ULi’s last chipset which was quite a sleeper, the M1697. Make no mistake about it, the Epox 9U1697 GLI motherboard is inexpensive but that doesn’t mean it’s a slow motherboard! Now here is the tricky part – while there are two PCI Express x16 slots on the Epox 9U1697 GLI motherboard, they do not officially support nVIDIA SLI or ATi CrossFire. Dual videocards can be used for multiple 2D displays, like for workstation style applications – but that’s it. Now that nVIDIA owns ULi, it’s possible that it may eventually certify the ULi chipset as SLI compatible, but that is something you shouldn’t bet on. Epox 9U1697-GLI K8 s939 Motherboard @ PC Stats

ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe AM2 Motherboard @ Virtual-Hideout

Snip: Ok I know I said I wasn’t going to review the ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe (wireless edition) motherboard when I wrote my AM2 overclocking article. However, I just couldn’t help myself because this board is quite simply the most feature-packed motherboard I’ve ever used. ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe AM2 Motherboard @ Virtual-Hideout

HIS X1300 512MB DDR2 PCI-e video card @ BFR

Snip:? Today we have the last card in our HIS X1300 series of reviews; the X1300 dual DVI 512MB PCI Express. Unlike the previous two cards, this X1300 does not feature the IceQ cooler and instead uses a passive cooling solution. This is most likely because this card is not a part of the "Turbo" line of HIS cards meaning that it has received no overclock and comes at the normal X1300 speeds right out of the box. The core and memory speeds on this card are the typical 450MHz and 250MHz (500MHz effective). HIS X1300 512MB DDR2 @ BFR

Catalyst 6.6 is now available

The new cats are available with the key improvments being large performance boosts in FEAR and Far Cry.? Avivo? Video Converter Extension for Windows Media Center Edition Catalyst 6.6 introduces a Windows Media Center Edition Video Conversion utility. This utility will allow users to convert video content that is either recorded or available to Media Center Edition to a variety of different formats. The video content can be converted to MPEG-2, MPEG-4 SP, MPEG-4/AVC and Windows Media. iPod video and Sony PSP?s are also supported with an optimized profile for these devices.? Theater 650 Pro TV Tuner SupportCatalyst 6.6 includes support for NTSC/ATSC and PAL/SECAM/DVB-T products based on the Theater 650 Pro TV Tuner chip.? The Theater 650 Pro is a new chip from ATI for multimedia cards and DTV-on-a-chip solutions, integrating hardware video encoding, digital audio and with noise reduction, and hardware PVR functions in a single chip.? Performance ImprovementsAs with most Catalyst? releases, performance has increased in various situations: Far Cry performance improves 4-5%.? Larger gains of up to 18.3% can been seen when using anisotropic filtering Fear performance as much as 8.5% on X1800 and X1900 Single card systems and as much as 14% on X1800 and X1900 Crossfire systems Splinter Cell (original) performance improves as much a 7% on X1300 and X1600 Crossfire systems.? Grab them here

Pre-order your Conroe at OCUK

It seems OCUK are first to strike a deal with Intel so they can now take pre-orders?for Conroe. After having meetings with Intel this morning and been the first UK company to actually give Intel and their distributors orders for Intel latest processor we are now able to offer them on sale at OcUK. Product is expected to arrive approx middle of July 2006. As OcUK is the first company to place orders we get priority allocation which means OcUK will not only be the first with product but will also have more product availability than anywhere else in the UK/Europe. OCUK prices are the following: Intel Pentium Core 2 DUO E6300 "LGA775 Conroe" 1.86GHzPrice: ?134.95 (?158.57 Including VAT at 17.5%) Intel Pentium Core 2 DUO E6400 "LGA775 Conroe" 2.13GHz Price: ?164.95 (?193.82 Including VAT at 17.5%) Intel Pentium Core 2 DUO E6600 "LGA775 Conroe" 2.40GHzPrice: ?224.95 (?264.32 Including VAT at 17.5%) Intel Pentium Core 2 DUO E6700 "LGA775 Conroe" 2.67GHz Price: ?374.95 (?440.57 Including VAT at 17.5%) Intel Pentium Core 2 DUO Extreme Edition X6800 "LGA775 Conroe" 2.93GHz Price: ?689.95 (?810.69 Including VAT at 17.5%) Don’t forget that almost all Intel boards currently on sale will not work with Conroe, the exception being the new DFI Infinity 975X of which OCUk are selling here.

Conroe at 4.95GHz

We’ve all seen those stunning bnechmark around of Conroe at 3GHz, or perhaps even 3.8GHz, but at Dreamhack Summer 2006, two hardcore overclocks managed to get the E6700 upto 4.95GHz! Using a cascade at 4.73GHz they demolished the current 3D Mark ’05 WR with an unvelievable score of 26,278, over 6000 more than the current record. DreamHack Summer 2006 has come to and end and most of us from NordicHardware has just arrived at home or are on the verge of it at least. Some of the people who kept going to the very last minute at DH in NordicHardware’s booth was Crotale which seemed impossible to separate from their bench system, which actually didn’t receive its final ingredients until Monday evening, an Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 and a cooler ambience after moving into Elmia’s C hall.

LanWar 2006’s 8 Best Case Mods @ ThinkComputers

Snip: There are always a few major events every year that become the modders deadlines where they slave away for hours with a Dremel in hand attempting to finish up their case by the upcoming LAN. On the east coast that LAN is LanWar (aka MillionManLAN) and this year there were no doubt a handful of great mods to be seen. ThinkComputers.org sought out the best 8 mods found in the BYOC LanWar 2006’s 8 Best Case Mods @ ThinkComputers

Nintendo DS Lite is Hefty on Features @ OCModShop

Snip: Yesterday was hot and humid for 11am. Waiting for my pre-ordered Nintendo DS Lite was a nightmare, as I and other DS hopefuls stood in a line long enough to curve around the building. Too many sweaty, stinky, pimple-faced teenage boys were in front of me because unfortunately, I was the only girl in a crowd of around fifty people. It was awkward, but I dealt with it so I could get my hands on the new Nintendo DS Lite. Nintendo DS Lite is Hefty on Features @ OCModShop

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