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Asetek WaterChill Xternal Water Cooling @ 3DGameMan

Snip: There are many external water cooling kits on the market, but few are as hardcore as the Asetek WaterChill Xternal. This kit has everything needed for a complete water cooling solution. It comes with three waterblocks; one for the CPU, GPU, and Chipset. All have an acrylic top with a thick smooth solid copper base. The main unit houses a great pump, viewable reservoir, large radiator, and four 120mm fans. One very unique feature with this system is that it can be connected to your computer’s USB and controlled with custom software. It even comes with an LCD. As external water cooling kits go, this product is king of the hill! Watch the Video to find out more. Full review @ 3DGameMan

S3 Chrome S27 PCI Express Videocard @ PCStats

Snip: If you want to take advantage of Microsoft Vista’s fancy Aero Glass visual interface (and by all accounts you really do) the computer must have videocard hardware capable of at least DirectX 9 with a minimum of 64MB on board memory. And wouldn’t you know it, the new S3 Chrome S27 videocard fits the bill perfectly with a very affordable price too. Funny that. The S3 Chrome S27 PCI Express videocard specs look quite appealing on paper, it has everything a decent graphics accelerator boasts these days; a 90nm manufactured silicon core, eight pixel rendering pipeline, 128MB GDDR3 memory and dual monitor outputs. Full review @ PCStats

Plantronics Pulsar 590A Bluetooth Headset Review @ Legit Reviews

Snip: Using the Plantronics Pulsar 590A to listen to music in the office, computer lab, or while traveling is sweet since Plantronics has given the user everything they need to connect and communicate with any device out there. The Universal Adapter is worth its weight in gold. Being small and rechargeable the Adapter goes wherever you need it to go to interface with whatever device you need. Full review @ Legit Reviews

G.Skill: F1-3200PHU1-512NS – a bargain? @ TweakPC

Snip: You don’t need 2GB memory? What about less but with the quality of G.Skill? Full review @ TweakPC?(german)

ASUS Extreme Radeon X1900 XTX Video Card @ Viper Lair

Snip: There’s pretty much nothing to complain about here in regards to the image quality while gaming. HDR is especially impressive in Oblivion, though it’s not really my game of choice. Battlefield 2, my game of choice, looks fantastic at 16×12, everything on at 6xAA and it runs smooth as butter. Considering how much the card costs, this is something we expect. Full review @ Viper Lair

OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 PEL XTC Dual Channel Memory Kit @ Motherboards.org

Snip: Unfortunately, a great name and cool looking modules just can’t make up for piddly poor overclocking at such a high price point ($170 at time of writing) for this kit. For $50 less, you can purchase yourself a nice, entry level kit that’ll probably overclock decently, or for $30 less, you can grab a set of time tested and proven Corsair CMX6400. The point of the matter here is that for the extreme overclocker’s, these sticks are unfortunately second best, and even for the gamer, where in the modern day 2GB kits are king, with a meager $50 cost above these, these modules just don’t seem to be a viable option. Full review @ Motherboards.org

Thermaltake PurePower 600AP (600W) PSU @ Technic3D

Snip: Is that new PurePower 600W PSU from Thermaltake better than the ToughPower? See you at the Review on Technic3D. Full review @ Technic3D?(german)

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat @ Trusted Reviews

Snip: When Battlefield 2 launched on the PC last year it caused quite a stir ? partly because it was a truly brilliant multi-player warfare simulation and partly because actually getting it to work could be frustrating, to say the least. I loved playing Battlefield 2, but what I didn?t love was constantly being thrown out of servers for no apparent reason, being told that I was running the wrong patch and waiting absolutely ages to get onto a ranked server in the first place. Full review @ Trusted Reviews

Wow-Wii: Nintendo’s Thunder @ BFR

Snip:? BOOM. That’s the sound of Nintendo’s recent announcement of their next console’s official name spreading across the Internet. In case you have been under a rock the past week or so, Nintendo’s next console, formerly known as the "Revolution", is now called "Wii". My personal thoughts on the name later. Regardless of the name change, I still believe Nintendo is in a great position with their console to make a serious run at regaining the throne of console gaming. Full review @ BFR

Thermaltake eSATA SATA2 Muse 3.5″ external enclosure @ A1 Electronics

Snip: Today we review this superb Thermaltake eSATA SATA2 Muse external hard drive enclosure that we think is excellent and hope you agree. With its excellent design and with a superb finish extended right down to the care to help remove as much vibration and noise from your SATA hard drive. Full review @ A1 Electronics

Tech Bits: Will Co-processors Be Key to Opteron Dominance? @ GideonTech

Snip: One of the most competitive markets in computing is servers, with companies always looking for more efficient processing to accommodate more complex simulations or decrease operating costs. For years, the X86 segment of the server market was controlled by Intel’s Xeon offerings, but in recent years, a new contender has emerged, AMD’s Opteron. Will the return of the co-processor ensure a victory for Opteron? Full review @ GideonTech

NVIDIA’s Quad SLI @ Bit-tech

Snip: We’ve been through multiple video cards and more driver revisions than you can shake a stick at. We discovered so many issues and bugs in the drivers that we weren’t sure where to start when it came to writing up this evaluation. Major games – like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Call of Duty 2 – just don’t work as they should on Quad SLI. Any consumer buying Quad SLI right now is going to have a hell of a time trying to get their working acceptably. Full review @ Bit-tech

Patriot Memory 2GB PC4000 ELK @ Overclockers Online

Snip: Another review draws to an end and Patriot Memory has churned up a kit that matches the performance of the big leaguers while keeping its price at a very affordable range. Sticking to the stock timings, we were able to push the kit up to 260 MHz which is respectable for the Samsung UCCC but nothing spectacular for those making the jump from 1GB to 2GB. With AM2 and Conroe fast approaching, there’s no doubt that DDR2 is the future. DDR1 is slowly fading away and the time to go 2GB to keep your system running in the long run is now while the supply is high and the price of the PDC2G4000ELK is still nice and low. Full review @ Overclockers Online

OCZ EL PC-3200 Platinum XTC Edition 2GB @ ThinkComputers

Snip: OCZ, you know the name, you know what it means. To me, having two sticks of OCZ ram in my hand means I have some the best ram available today. It not only gives me bragging rights, it also gives me that edge over my competition and adds to the performance of my computer. Today for review I have a 2 gig kit of OCZ EL PC-3200 Platinum XTC Edition ram, I’m going to throw it up against some other low latency 2gig kits that I have on hand and see just what makes OCZ one of the best. Full review @ ThinkComputers

NVIDIA Quad-SLI vs. ATI Crossfire

techPowerUp! have taken a look at Quad SLI and compared it to X1900 XT CrossFire. Overall Quad SLI looks to be very disappointing indeed, at least at launch. CrossFire or just plain ol’ SLI are much better options at this early stage. I’d give Quad SLI another two months to mature before i pass judgement, but even so, why launch it now in such a disastrous state? Anyhow, read the review to find out the details.? Snip: At this year’s CeBIT the most controversial and most debated new hardware was NVIDIA’s Quad-SLI, which was awarded "best product of CES" earlier this year. We had the chance to put two identical retail 7900 GX2 QuadSLI and X1900 XTX CrossFire systems right next to each other and evaluate them. One of the surprises was that often one 7900GX2 alone performed better than the Quad SLI pair at low resolutions. Full review @ techPowerUp!

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