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Microsoft Announces IE7+ for Vista

It appears that in an effort to?attract more people to Vista,?Miscrosft are going to bundle a special version of IE7 with additional features. IE7+ will include a Protected Mode, parental controls, and improved network diagnostics. It’s not currently clear what these will actually bring in terms of specific features, but I do think Protected Mode should be changed to Durex Mode 😛

Microprocessor History, Part 2 @ BTX Form Factor

Snip:? There have been many players in the microprocessor story, but the two companies that have had the most impact are also the two that dominate the market; Intel and AMD. Along the way, other big companies like IBM and Motorola made major contributions but have fallen by the wayside in the marketplace for personal computers. Full review @ BTX Form Factor?

Zalman CNPS9500-AM2 Socket AM2 Heatsink @ Frostytech

Snip: The Zalman CNPS9500 AM2 heatsink is compatible with all current AMD Athlon64 processors, and in particular the just introduced AMD 940-pin AM2 processor and socket AM2 heatsink retention frame. As this is the very first socket AM2 (aka socket M2) heatsink to enter the FrostyTech test labs, we’ll be touching upon the critical differences between socket AM2 and socket 754/939/940 heatsinks in just a moment. The Zalman CNPS9500 AM2 is a full copper heatsink, except its surface has been brightly chrome plated to give it that nuclear winter, Terminator 2 android feel. Full review @ Frostytech

NVIDIA DualTV MCE @ HotHardware

HotHardware evaluate the features and performance of NVIDIA?s recently announced DualTV MCE TV/FM-Tuner card.? Head on over to the site and check it out? Full review @ HotHardware

Corsair Nautilus 500 @ VelocityReviews

Snip: Water cooling has come quite far. But it hasn’t been a general consumer sort of thing till now. The Corsair Nautilus 500 is just what you need. Full review @ VelocityReviews

GeForce 7900-series graphics cards compared @ Tech Report

Snip: Nvidia’s 7900 series is arguably the most attractive high-end graphics option for PC enthusiasts. With great gaming performance, low power consumption, mature multi-GPU rendering via SLI, and lower power consumption than ATI’s Radeon X1900 GPU, the green team’s G71 graphics processor has a lot going for it. What it doesn’t have, however, is an NVIDIA-built graphics card to call home. Unlike ATI, NVIDIA relies exclusively on board partners to build graphics cards based on its latest GPUs. Fortunately, those partners have become increasingly adept at differentiating their offerings, giving prospective buyers additional options beyond the graphics chip. Although partner cards share the same GPU and basic board design, manufacturers are free to play around with bundled software and extras, coolers, clock speeds, and of course, pricing. Factory "overclocking" has become particularly popular of late, with some manufacturers increasing core and memory clock speeds by as much as 25% beyond "default" speeds?a margin that can have more than just a modest impact on performance. Higher clock speeds don’t always come cheap, of course, but they can go a long way toward making a card stand out. So can a great game bundle, a quieter cooler, or a lifetime warranty. To get an idea of how different board manufacturers are approaching NVIDIA’s GeForce 7900 series, we’ve rounded up a collection of cards from Asus, Biostar, BFG...

4GB Trials and Tribulations @ Techgage

Snip: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to move on up to 4GB of system ram? There may not be a need for that now, but it won’t take very long until it’s commonplace in enthusiast PC’s. I take 4GB worth of top end DDR1 and DDR2 memory, and relate my overclocking and performance reports to you. Full article @ Techgage

Apple MacBook Pro 15.4-inch 2.16GHz @ Digital Trends

Snip: The new 15" Intel-based Mac Book Pro is a faithful and aggressive continuation of the record breaking and standard-setting PowerBook line of Apple laptops first introduced to the world in 1991. Externally, the MacBook Pro and the 2003-2006 PowerBook models are very similar – practically identical to the untrained eye. Internally, the MacBook pro is geared like a twin-turbo roadster that leaves the trusty PowerBook in the dust. Full review @ Digital Trends

AMD Athlon64 FX-62 and X2 5000+ Socket AM2 Processors @ PC Stats

Snip: The socket AM2 Athlon64 processor platform should go a long way to stimulating the DDR-2 memory industry, because key to the AM2’s survival will be access to low latency DDR-2 parts. Up until now that’s been something of an oxymoron… companies like Corsair, Patriot Memory, OCZ, and Buffalo Technology have already begun releasing quick low latency DDR-2, much of it currently based on Micron Rev.E DRAM. Full review @ PC Stats

Thermaltake Symphony Mini external watercooling kit @ Technic3D

Snip: The new Watercooling Symphony mini from Thermaltake arrived Technnic3D. Three 120mm Fans instead of five in the Symphony. How is the achievement? Full review @ Technic3D?(ger)

E3 2006 Microsoft Booth Tour @ ThinkGaming

Snip: At the farthest back point in the South Hall you?ll find Microsoft?s enormous booth that spans almost a half of a football field and featuring hundreds of playable Xbox 360s. For a company as big as they are, they don?t skimp when it comes to making an unforgettable presence on the showfloor, and they have certainly done so. The entire back half of the booth is a two-story set of rooms for press and presentations that is just about as well constructed as an apartment building (all to be torn down after 3 days of excitement). Check out the Microsoft booth tour in its gigantic elegance. Full review @ ThinkGaming

Thermaltake Armor Junior Mid-Tower ATX Case Review @ Bigbruin

Snip:?The Armor Junior is yet another great case from Thermaltake, and Armor Senior should be proud of his little fella. While the overall styling is taken straight from the original, full size Armor case, there are many special touches and improvements that make the Junior appealing.? While the full size Armor case is great for a stationary system, the compact design of the Armor Junior is ideal for use with a system that travels to LAN parties (or anywhere else for that matter). Full review @ Bigbruin

GeForce 7600GS AGP Confirmed

According to xbitlabs, a 7600 class graphics card is coming to AGP and has been indirectly confirmed by Nvidia. They go on to mention that Nvidia’s latest forceware 91.28 drivers has support for an AGP 7600GS, which goes a long way to confirm that this is indeed true. "The GeForce 7600 GS graphics processor has 12 pixel shader units, 5 vertex shader units, is clocked at 400MHz and comes with 256MB of 128-bit 800MHz GDDR3 memory. Specifications of the model 7600 GS for AGP 8x are unclear. In addition to the GeForce 7600 GS for AGP, the new beta ForceWare drivers support some other unannounced products, such as the GeForce 7500 LE for PCI Express, GeForce 6800 XT/XE/LE for AGP and PCI Express as well as GeForce 7800 GS for PCI Express."

ATI Catalyst 6.5 now available

ATI have just release Cat 6.5, you can grab the WinXP driver here. This release of Catalyst? introduces the following new features: Overlay Theater Mode Update Adaptive Anti-Aliasing for ATI Radeon? 9500 and above Overlay Theater Mode Update Catalyst? 6.5 introduces a new option for Overlay Theater Mode. The new option, Standard Dual Mode is available for Radeon? X1x00 series of graphics cards. This new feature now allows users to playback video using hardware acceleration when it is played on both displays (clone mode). Hardware acceleration decreases CPU utilization, allowing the PC to run smoother and faster. When using two displays in clone mode, video playback will be identically displayed on both display devices. For Radeon? X1000 series products (Avivo Video) overlay is per-display and true overlay will be used for both displays. For pre-Radeon? X1x00 boards, there is only one hardware overlay, so video on the second clone display device is either software-rendered (i.e. "Same on all" selection) or the Windows desktop is displayed but the video will not show through the color key (i.e., "Standard mode" selection). Adaptive Anti-Aliasing for ATI Radeon? 9500 and above Adaptive Anti-Aliasing smoothes out the surfaces in an entire scene unlike Multi-Sample which works only on edge surfaces. Adaptive AA has the ability to work on transparent or opaque texels, like those that comprise a surface texture. Previously this feature was available on the ATI...

Oblivion Rocks the Xbox (and PC too)! @ OCModShop

Classic RPG players, wait no longer! The arrival of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion takes us back to the way role-playing games should be played. The game provides players with many character attributes, tools, weapons, tricks, and quests to choose from. Also, the world map is the most expansive I?ve seen in a long time. As the hours turn to days, gamers will come to appreciate traditional RPG gameplay. The beginning of the game also serves as a tutorial. However, the tutorial is not complete and many of the controls must be discovered during gameplay. I?ve heard rumors that the Xbox 360 controller is more suited to the game than a keyboard and mouse? Full review @ OCModShop

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