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Galaxy’s overclocked 7600 GS with 7600 GT like performance

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Posted May 5, 2006 by admin in News

Yet another Galaxy card geared towards enthusiasts hits our news pages. Last month we reported on Galaxy’s non-reference 7600 GS clocked at 500/500 using 2.0ns IC’s and a rather tasty custom Zalman built cooler to boot.

This month Galaxy have brought out yet another 7600 GS but this time they’ve gone all out and are bordering on 7600 GT territory. The card uses 1.2ns IC’s clocked at 700MHz, which is the same as a 7600GT, and the core is clocked to 500 MHz, which is 60MHz shy of the 7600GT.

If the price is right this could be a very real low cost option for those who want 7600 GT like performance for less pennies.

Galaxy’s current non-reference cards all stand out by including very nice low noise Zalman aluminium coolers and by incorporating features not seen on any other boards, like?SmartFlash, which essentially means the card sports two BIOS chips on the PCB. For those who like to tinker with bios settings this will be a godsend.

There is currently no information on pricing, but it should hit UK retailers this time.

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