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Archive for June 13th, 2021

ATI Catalyst 6.5 now available

ATI have just release Cat 6.5, you can grab the WinXP driver here. This release of Catalyst? introduces the following new features: Overlay Theater Mode Update Adaptive Anti-Aliasing for ATI Radeon? 9500 and above Overlay Theater Mode Update Catalyst? 6.5 introduces a new option for Overlay Theater Mode. The new option, Standard Dual Mode is available for Radeon? X1x00 series of graphics cards. This new feature now allows users to playback video using hardware acceleration when it is played on both displays (clone mode). Hardware acceleration decreases CPU utilization, allowing the PC to run smoother and faster. When using two displays in clone mode, video playback will be identically displayed on both display devices. For Radeon? X1000 series products (Avivo Video) overlay is per-display and true overlay will be used for both displays. For pre-Radeon? X1x00 boards, there is only one hardware overlay, so video on the second clone display device is either software-rendered (i.e. "Same on all" selection) or the Windows desktop is displayed but the video will not show through the color key (i.e., "Standard mode" selection). Adaptive Anti-Aliasing for ATI Radeon? 9500 and above Adaptive Anti-Aliasing smoothes out the surfaces in an entire scene unlike Multi-Sample which works only on edge surfaces. Adaptive AA has the ability to work on transparent or opaque texels, like those that comprise a surface texture. Previously this feature was available on the ATI...

Oblivion Rocks the Xbox (and PC too)! @ OCModShop

Classic RPG players, wait no longer! The arrival of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion takes us back to the way role-playing games should be played. The game provides players with many character attributes, tools, weapons, tricks, and quests to choose from. Also, the world map is the most expansive I?ve seen in a long time. As the hours turn to days, gamers will come to appreciate traditional RPG gameplay. The beginning of the game also serves as a tutorial. However, the tutorial is not complete and many of the controls must be discovered during gameplay. I?ve heard rumors that the Xbox 360 controller is more suited to the game than a keyboard and mouse? Full review @ OCModShop

Guide: Get the Most Out of Your PSP: Accessories @ Digital Trends

Snip: Sony?s PSP has been a smash hit in the gaming world. With tons of great features already built in, such as Wi-Fi and external storage, people are constantly looking to trick out their PSP so that every possible piece of technology available is in their grasp. From protecting your investment with a quality case to giving your PSP 4GB of storage, the range of options for customizing your system is endless! We?re here to showcase 10 great accessories you?ll need to get the most out of your Sony PSP. Full review @ Digital Trends

OCZ 2GB Platinum Edition DDR500 Dual Channel Memory @ BFR

Snip:? As we computer users know all too well, hardware growth will simply never stop and seemingly never slow down. This of course means more hardware upgrades and more often. A common question someone looking to upgrade asks is, "Will this new hardware I’m about to purchase be able to perform on tomorrow’s applications in a year or two?" In today’s memory market 1GB will no longer receive a "Yes" response to that question. 2GB is the new "1GB" in memory. Even the next Windows operating system, Vista, will stress the importance of having a solid amount of memory in your computer. Full review @ BFR

Enermax Aurora Aluminum Keyboard @ Pro-Clockers

Snip: Style and class is something that a lot of us look for when looking to purchase a new computer case, but not until now that style and class can also apply to other things computer related. I never thought about a keyboard having sleekness, until Enermax was generous enough to send over their Aurora Aluminum keyboard. Full review @ Pro-Clockers

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