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Archive for June 13th, 2021

LCG 350W & 500W Power supplies @ Gamepyre

The Question on many minds is now ? will these units be worth my money, yes, or no. Dependant on how they are priced, I can foresee that the 350W unit will handle lower end systems well, while the 500W unit wouldn?t have too much trouble powering entry level gaming rigs (Single Core and Single Card). Unfortunately, with limited SATA connectors, no support for SLI, and cooling that needs to be slightly re-worked, the prospective future for this well built, and quiet running power supply begins to darken quickly. So, the solutions are simple ? modify the heatsinks slightly to attain more surface area ? having flat tops is a great idea, so long as the holes are sufficiently large. Full review @ Gamepyre

Kingston’s HyperX DDR-500 PC4000 1Gb kit @ CPU3D

Snip: I’m very impressed with Kingston’s HyperX DDR-500 PC4000 1Gb kit. Not only did I get great results, but also rock solid stability. I seriously can’t fault them. The performance I got at default DDR500 settings were great, and also they great for overclocking. Full review @ CPU3D

PrimeCooler Aqua Ready 1 water cooling kit @ A1 Electronics

Snip: Today we take pleasure as we review their latest water cooled heatsinks system, Aqua Ready 1. A complete ready plumbed and ready filled system in a box as we can see in this picture. Full review @ A1 Electronics

Intel’s Woodcrest processor previewed @ Tech Report

Snip: If you follow?server and workstation processors at all, you probably have a sense that Intel’s Xeon has been having some trouble competing with AMD’s Opteron. Intel is looking to reverse its fortunes in the server and workstation markets with a series of new products designed to take on the Opteron and win. The first wave of those products is being introduced today in the form of a new server platform, code-named Bensley. This platform consists primarily of a new chipset that will be mated with a trio of new Xeon processors, also scheduled to arrive in stages. The star of that lineup, once it arrives, will be the Woodcrest microprocessor based on Intel’s new Core microarchitecture, which promises higher performance and lower power consumption than current Netburst-derived Xeons. I recently attended a reviewer’s workshop in Portland, Oregon where I got to spend some quality time with a pair of Woodcrest processors on the Bensley platform, and I came away impressed. More importantly, I came away with some benchmark scores we can compare directly to AMD’s Opteron 285. Full review @ Tech Report

Scythe Mine CPU Cooler @ Techgage

Snip: Heat is the enemy of any electronic component and most especially the CPU. If your CPU is overheating you won’t get the performance you should and if your cooler is screaming to relieve that heat you’ll wish there was a better way. Today we look at a cooler that offers good performance without mind numbing noise, the Scythe MINE. Full review @ Techgage

Viewsonic VA2012w 20.1″ Widescreen Monitor @ UK Gamer

Snip: The idea of using a widescreen monitor may, at first, seem like something that would only appeal to genuine movie nuts, in fact that’s an opinion I held myself, but after using today’s review candidate for a couple of weeks I was won over. There’s certainly more to widescreen than a night in with a good DVD. Full review @ UK Gamer

AMD’s socket AM2 reviews

Today is the launch day for AM2, and to coincide with this all the usual suspects have detailed coverage. Here’s the list: AMD Athlon64 X2 5000+/FX62 CPU Review @ Motherboards.ORG Socket AM2 and Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Preview @ NordicHardware Socket AM2 chipsets collide @ Tech Report NVIDIA nForce 500 Preview @ techPowerUp! AMD’s AM2: FX-62, X2 5000+, nForce 590 and RD580 @ Hot Hardware Socket AM2 Platform: DDR2 SDRAM Support from AMD @ X-bit labs AMD’s New Socket AM2 CPU @ Hard OCP

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