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Archive for June 13th, 2021

7900GS, 7600GTX, 7600LE and 7300GT rumour

NGOHQ bring word of some possible new cards looming from Nvidia. This will pile on yet more pressure for ATI, who currently have sporadic mid-range offerings nowhere near as clear cut as Nvidia’s Snip: "Today we had the chance to speak with a very reliable, unofficial source who is very familiar with some of Nvidia?s plans. The same source gave us some news regarding additional members of the GeForce 7 family. Since this source is unofficial, consider the following information as a rumor: 7900GS, 7600GTX, 7600LE and 7300GT." Full story @ NGOHQ

X1900 GT face-off @ Bit-tech

Snip: The GeForce 7900 GT is a very good overclocker, while the Radeon X1900GT looks to be a bit of a mixed bag at the moment. If you’re looking to overclock, we feel that the GeForce 7900 GT is the better deal if you find one at a good price. However, if you’re planning to run your video card at stock speeds the final decision will depend on the games you’re looking to play. Full review @ Bit-tech

PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW PSU @ 3DGameMan

Snip: Who would have thought that 1000 watts would be used in a personal computer system! Well, the fact is, most still don’t require this kind of serious power. However, for the serious computer user and especially the hardcore gamer, it most definitely is. With dual NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFire setups becoming common place, a high-quality power supply with lots of juice is a necessity. Also, most serious gamers will push their systems to the absolute limit. Full review @ 3DGameMan

Spire DiamondCool II and VertiCool II @ Pro-Clockers

Snip: We have being reviewing Spire products on PC for a good little while. And during that time we have seen some really sweet products come from them. From their Italian designed Pininfarina cases to their popular DiamondCool heatsink. Today, Spire was cool enough to send over their latest coolers, the DiamondCool II and VertiCool II. And let?s see how they compare. Spire DiamondCool II @ Pro-ClockersSpire VertiCool II @ Pro-Clockers

Thermalright HR-05 chipset heatsink @ A1 Electronics

Snip: Testing this Thermalright HR-05 using a different a heat source we were very impressed at how quickly this Thermalright HR-05 cooler transferred the heat from its base to the fins. Very impressed. We got a shock at just how quickly and efficiently it did so. Full review @ A1 Electronics

Antec P180B Performance One Chassis @ Virtual-Hideout

Snip: The Antec P-180 or P-180B cases are true Antec all the way and definitely a viable mid-sized solution that won’t disappoint you. It has style and class which is good for any personal or professional user. As I pointed out in the beginning, this is what Antec is all about. Full review @ Virtual-Hideout

Aerocool XFire CPU Cooler @ ThinkComputers

Snip: Aerocool is a great name for a company that makes cooling products don’t you think? The name alone is sleek and conjures visions of futuristic looking things and technology. Today for review I have the AeroCool Xfire CPU cooler, and it truly does look sleek and futuristic. Looks aren’t much if you don’t have the performance to do with it, so read on to find out just how well the Xfire can perform. Full review @ ThinkComputers

OCZ Mini-Kart 1GB Flash Drive @ techPowerUp!

Snip: The OCZ Rally USB Stick revolutionized performance of USB sticks. Now OCZ has released another stick called the Mini Kart which is optimized for size and ultra-portability. The stick which comes in a 512 MB, 1 GB and 2 GB version has a height of only 2.8 mm. Small enough to carry it around in your wallet. Considering how thin the Mini Kart is, we tested its strength using the weight of OCZ’s latest PSU hooked to the end of the USB stick to see if the stick would snap. Full review @ techPowerUp!

XFX and Fatal1ty partnership announced

There is no news category for "pointless announcements", so I’ve?put it under graphics cards 🙂 XFX have announced a partnership with FPS and all roundup gaming legend Fatal1ty. Mr Fatal1ty will collaborate with XFX on the design and technical specifications of a series of graphics cards with a special focus on the needs of competitive PC video gamers. Future products will be designed for maximum performance and stability. Collaborative efforts between XFX and Fatal1ty will begin in mid-2006. Products designed under this partnership will be co-branded XFX and Fatal1ty. Does that mean that all this time XFX haven’t been producing cards for maximum performance and stability? Well blow me sideways with an 80mm fan. Also, i love the way the press release says: "Fatal1ty will collaborate with XFX on the design and technical specifications of a series of graphics cards." It almost makes you believe he’s gonna say "well, i want a card with 10,000MHz clock speeds and 128 pixel pipes, to which XFX reply "why in gods name did we not think of this sooner, get to work boffins" (action music)! Ok, so in reality they’re talking custom coolers a coloured PCB’s,?I suppose, but?I can’t resist making fun of this?:) More can be found at XFX’s website: http://www.xfxforce.com/web/gamerscentral/viewNews.jspa?newsId=256380?

Kingston launch 1GB dimms with 2-2-2-5 timings

Kingston have been a little quite with there DDR1 HyperX range for quite a while now, but today's announcement brings?that to an end!

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