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Archive for June 18th, 2021

Scythe KAMARIKI-2 550W Power Supply @ ThinkComputers

Snip: Today for review I have another product from Scythe, the Kamariki 2 power supply. In relation to other PSU’s out there the Kamariki is small in size, but don’t let the size fool you, it’s got more than enough power for even the most power hungry systems out there. Not only does it have the power but it also seems very stable and reliable, and it looks really cool doing all this with some added cool features as well. Let’s check it out. Full review @ ThinkComputers

May 2006 system guide @ Tech Report

Snip:?We published our first system guide?about five months ago, and surprisingly little has changed since then. AMD still has the upper hand in the desktop and workstation processor markets, and aside from a new round of graphics chips from ATI and NVIDIA, there have been few major new releases. That doesn’t mean our system guide hasn’t benefited from an overhaul, though. Prices have dropped pretty steeply since last year, and we managed to lower the cost of our four recommended systems while fitting them with faster hardware, more memory, and extra storage capacity.? To get more PC for your money than ever, check out our new and improved system guide, May 2006 edition. Full review @ Tech Report

Yahoo Go: World’s first personal entertainment guide? @ DigitalTrends

Snip: With the release of Yahoo Go, Terry Semel believes he now has a solution that could link virtually every facet of our digital lives into a single coherent user experience (bridge the gaps between the solitary ‘islands’ of our various entertainment experiences). Yahoo! will now be everywhere you are: on your office PC, on your mobile phones, and, as of yesterday, even on your living room TV. Full review @ DigitalTrends

Seagate 500GB Barracuda 7200.9 @ Techgage

Snip: There seems to be a problem that’s constant with computers throughout the years. That problem is not enough storage space to feed our habits. Whether or not you actually need *this* much storage, there’s no denying it’s supremeness. Full review @ Techgage

MSI NX7900GT-T2D256E (GeForce 7900GT) @ 3DChip

Snip: After our extensive Riva Tuner FAQ and the articles about technic basics it is time again for a new proper graphic card review. Completely unexpected we received a GeForce 7900GT board, the follower model of the GeForce 7800GT. Of course, we took the chance and tested this card in all important disciplines without any mercy. Our reviewed model is the NX7900GT-VT2D256E, produced by card manufacturer MSI, which we compared with several other common graphic boards. We also checked the card for its overclocking abilities and we already can say that our baby has achieved an "Overclocker’s Dream Award". Why MSI’s GeForce 7900GT earned this award and all other important facts are now available and to find out about in our newest review… the 3DChip-crew wishes you a delightful reading-experience. Full review @ 3DChip?(german)

Conroes new name: Intel Core 2 Duo

Intel has finally?announced a coherent?brand name?for Conroe, and about time too if you ask me.?The new naming scheme will be Core 2 Duo. The first Core 2 Duo chips available will be the Core 2 Extreme (previously the Extreme Edition brand), followed by the high end 2.67GHz Core 2 Duo E6700. Both are to ship in July 2006. The other mianstrea parts will follw sometime after this, though hopefully will still be July. Start saving!

Fastest 7900 GT announced- EVGA’s Signature Series

EVGA already have some fast cards in there?line up?but that hasn’t stopped them announcing a new range of?aggressively overclocked?cards,?to be known as the Signature Series. The first available card to grace the Signature Series?moniker?will be the venerable 7900 GT, and aggresively overclock this most definetely is. EVGA’s card comes with a core clock of 600 MHz+ and 256MB?of memory clocked?at 1600 MHz+. "All of these cards are put through rigorous testing at the EVGA Labs to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. All Signature Series? packages are individually serialized and offer you many features and benefits over the standard EVGA packaging." By this EVGA mean 24/7 priority phone support,?priority email support via private email address, front-of-the-Line Step-Up? queue with 24-hour turnaround cross-shipment with freight-paid return label, Signatures from the VP of Sales / IT Director / Lab Manager (oooh), and signature member" status on?there Forums.You also get a lifetime Warranty, much like all EVGA boards. The EVGA 7900GT Signature Series will be available starting May 8, 2006 from select online e-tailers (newegg) with part number 256-P2-N569-SG. You can find more info at the EVGA website

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