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The Godfather PC Game Review @ GamePyre

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Posted April 6, 2006 by admin in News

Snip: Well, what can we say? The game was fun, we guess. It wasn’t a whole hell of a lot more than a diversion ? no gratification or satisfaction, no leaps or bounds in Gameplay and a beautiful story that?s poorly delivered? What the hell EA! After playing through this game, we found it to feel more like a ?rent it for your dusty console? title than a ?Buy this ASAP, so it?s box may forever adorn your shelf, and disk may forever stay in your drive? title. We know that this kind of bluntness is going to make the walls run red, but hell, somebody had to say it. With a longer story that covered the entire trilogy, a wider variety of enemies, buildings and textures, greater attention to detail, and a storyline that actually fits more closely to that of the movies, we’d be happy to call this a classic. But as it stands now, I feel nowhere near the same after playing 9 hours of this game as I do after spending 9 hours watching all 3 movies.

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