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Oblivion with FSAA and HDR on ATI cards

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Posted April 10, 2006 by admin in News

Just before the weekend set in, ATI sent word of a new beta driver containing a patch that?allows you to?turn on HDR and AA at the same time in?the graphically rich RPG, Oblivion. The patch provides:

  • HDR effects plus AA at the same time. The visual results are stunning.? (To enable, ignore the AA settings in the game and enable it via Catalyst Control Center)
  • Crossfire support for the game via AFR mode. Good performance gains for all crossfire owners.

Nvidia users cannot currently?enable both?HDR and AA?from a hardware level. The patch is named after the guy who discovered?it?- the "Chuck" patch. Could this be another Chuck Norris skill to add to the database? ?

You can grab the beta driver here, let us know how you get on in the forums!

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