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Kingston launches FB-DIMM Memory Modules

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Posted April 6, 2006 by admin in News

Kingston Technology took an early decision to support FB-DIMM, committing major resources to the research and development of this next generation technology. This bold strategic decision is now paying-off, with Kingston Technology fast becoming the leading manufacturer and supplier of FB-DIMM memory to Intel and the industry.

Though todays press release is concerned with server technology, FB-DIMM’s are being touted as a future desktop memory solution, though with AMD just readying itself to switch to DDR2, it could be a long way off. As per usual the server market drives technological progress but eventually it filters down to the simple workstation, which is why this is interestting.. Kingston lists their FB-DIMM Features and Specifications as:

  • Tested at 533 MHz for optimal performance
  • 1.8 Volts operation
  • Operational enhancements to increase memory performance, efficiency and timing margins
  • Latency timings: 4-4-4
  • Memory kits (modules) up to 2 GB
Kingston Technology FB-DIMM
Part Number Capacity and Features MSRP (plus VAT) NB: Prices subject to change
DDR-2 533-MHz, Single Rank, ECC 512MB Fully Buffered DIMM
KVR533D2D8F4/1G DDR-2 533-MHz, Dual Rank, ECC 1GB Fully Buffered DIMM
KVR533D2D4F4/2G DDR-2 533-MHz, Dual Rank, ECC 2GB Fully Buffered DIMM

FB-DIMM modules are a high-speed, high-density memory solution for related technology workstation and server platforms. FB-DIMMs will resolve the DDR2 memory ‘speed Vs capacity’ bottleneck issue and also complies with JEDEC standards. FB-DIMM memory architecture provides up to six memory channels, with each channel supporting up to eight dual-rank memory modules, enabling two channels to simultaneously read and write in concurrent transactions.

Already a supplier of FB-DIMMs to major OEMs – Kingston’s FB-DIMMs provide a comprehensive solution to many signal integrity and quality concerns. J. K. Tsai, Director of Technology at Kingston Technology comments, "FB-DIMM architecture increases server memory capacity from 8 GB to 192 GB at a high speed, based on a 4GB-module configuration – delivering an impressive twenty-four-fold increase." Tsai continues, "In addition to higher capacity, the FB-DIMMs have a peak bandwidth four times greater than standard DDR2 server modules."

The benefits of using Kingston?s FB-DIMM technology on high-end servers include scalability, flexibility and higher capacity, while the same new technology will increase speed and performance.

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