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Gigabyte NX79T GeForce 7900GT @ GamePyre

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Posted April 11, 2006 by admin in News

Snip: For the price of $339 online, the 7900GT has no peer at this price point. As the 7900GT generally outperforms the competition at its default clock speed, this makes the GIGABYTE card a decent choice to buy a new card. Later, if you want to buy a second 7900GT, you get more performance than any currently available single video card in SLI mode. The only reasons this card didn’t get a Gold award was it was hard to find online due to limited stock of NVIDIA chips and its popularity, not to any fault of GIGABYTE per se, and the fact that other manufacturers have Lifetime Warranties with their cards. Other than that the card is a fine specimen of a 7900GT and will please any user looking for an NVIDIA based gaming card hands down.

Full review @ GamePyre

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