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Gainward to refresh there 7800 GS AGP to 7900 GT specs?

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Posted April 19, 2006 by admin in News

*Update* It is now official from Gainward that this card is coming, it should show up on OCUK for pre-order sometime later today. This is a limited edition card, there?will be?1500 cards produced and it’s very likley that once these are gone there will no others to fill the demand, so if you really want one of these you better get in quick!

We?ve heard solid rumours that Gainward have a fantastic new card on the way, and it?s a refresh of there most ambitious GPU to date.

If you recall, Gainward launched a 512MB AGP based 7800 GS recently which actually had 20 pipelines instead of 16. Essentially the card was a 7800 GT in disguise and was above and beyond the performance of any other AGP card available.

Gainward have a new card on the way with the exact same naming scheme as before except with the addition of a ?+?. The full name is the: BLISS 7800 GS SILENT 512MB GS+.

We?ve uncovered what we believe are the specs for this new card and have compared them to the old 7800 GS SILENT:

GPU Comparison Chart
Model Name : BLISS 7800 GS SILENT 512MB GS+ BLISS 7800 GS SILENT 512MB GS
Core Clock : 450 MHz 425 MHz
Memory Size : 512 MB 512 MB
Memory Clock :
1250 MHz 1200 MHz
Memory Interface : 256 bit 256 bit
Pixel Pipes : 24 20
Essentially makes it: 7900 GT AGP 7800 GT AGP

The new ?+? refresh part looks set to move the specs away from 7800 GT territory and instead move them toward the 7900 GT. The card will be based on 1.4ns memory so expect to be able to clock it to 1400MHz without much effort.

No delivery dates for the UK have been confirmed at the moment. However it is fair to say, that it will be only available in limited numbers (limited edition).

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