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Archive for October 17th, 2021

Nvidia launch Go 7900 GTX & Go 7900 GS

NVIDIA today have unveiled the new GeForce Go 7900 Series of graphics processing units. The two new GPUs are the GeForce Go 7900 GTX,?which will power extreme high end?notebooks for those who demand the very best gaming performance,?and the GeForce Go 7900 GS, which will be targeted to enable polygon crushing power to slimmer performance notebooks. The GeForce Go 7900 Series of GPUs feature support for advanced technologies that enhance the mobile computing experience: Support for the latest games and applications with DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 and film quality, high dynamic range (HDR) lighting H.264 hardware accelerated support through NVIDIA PureVideo? technology?the combination of HD video processors and software delivers a HD home-theatre quality video experience to the PC. NVIDIA PowerMizer? technology, with advanced power management features that enable the dramatic performance enhancements in the same power budget as the previous generation of NVIDIA mobile GPUs. The reduced power consumption and less heat generation result in cooler and smaller notebooks with increased battery life.? A high performance 3D architecture built for Microsoft Windows Vista?? the industry?s first operating system to require a dedicated GPU to realise its full potential[i]. NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 Series GPUs are now available to order from notebooks partners such as Dell and Toshiba. Other partners that plan to ship soon include ABS, CyberPower, Falcon Northwest, Gateway, Hypersonic, ...

Scythe SAMURAI Z Dual Heatpipe CPU Cooler @ Tweaknews

Snip: The Scythe Samurai Z cooler turned out to be an exceptional improvement over the stock CPU cooler included with my P4, and a great addition to my overclocked system. The cooler itself does the job efficiently and relatively quietly – I can hear my GPU fan and the flow of a good collective number of CFMs, but no annoying whining or whirring. Full review @ Tweaknews

Cooler Master Centurion 534 Case @ Bigbruin

Snip:? The Cooler Master Centurion 534 has a nice finish and the silver front looks sharp. The very top of the front sports the Cooler Master name with the Centurion logo on the one external 3.5" bay cover. The rear of the case includes enough space for a 120mm fan and decent ventilation holes next to the tool-less slots. Full review @ Bigbruin.com

Evercool WC-F117 nighthawk water cooling Kit @ Techgage

Snip: Trying to cool your PC on a budget? EVERCOOL may have the solution you are looking for, with their WC-F117 water cooling kit. It comes complete with CPU and GPU blocks and almost everything else you need. Full review @ Techgage

Why High-End Audio Matters @ Designtechnica

Snip: If you work for the audio industry?or just write about it, as I do?these are disturbing times. Here?s the good news: Sales of audio products grew by 29 percent last year, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. Now here?s the bad news: Component audio sales actually fell by 16 percent. The growth in sales was driven almost entirely by portables, led by the skyrocketing iPod. Why is that bad news for an audiophile? Because high-end audio?the good stuff?is a subset of component audio, not portable audio. As the high- end market has withered, a whole generation has grown up without knowing what the good stuff sounds like. CEA reports that 56 percent of consumers ?say they have never even heard what they’d consider a great sounding audio system. Full review @ Designtechnica

Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 CPU Cooler @ XSReviews

Snip: A quiet serene desktop workstation or a performance pixel churning cooling mammoth? Two extremes of the PC cooling world I know, my point being, can a balance be maintained between them? My current computer has a huge Thermalright XP-90 heatsink and 92mm fan cooling the CPU with an additional 3 80mm case fans. Which as you can imagine isn?t the quietest. But because I always use headphones on and can sleep through the noise when left on overnight I don?t see a need for change. But for some people sound is everything the slightest hum is an assault on their ears. So for most people I believe they wish to maintain stability and have moderate to high end components while still keeping a reasonable level of noise. This is where my article comes in. In this review I am going to look over Arctic?s Alpine 64. I believe this to be cooling with enough performance to handle all CPUs of the current time while maintaining a reasonable amount of noise. I will be testing its cooling performance against the huge performance monster of Thermalright?s XP-90 and the stock AMD cooler. Full review @ XSReviews

ASRock 939SLI-eSATA2 s939 motherboard @ A1 Electronics

Snip: If you are looking for a really great value for money AMD Athlon 64 939-socket motherboard then you need look no further than this super ASRock 939SLI-eSATA2. Full review @ A1 Electronics

Elder Scrolls 4 Review @ GamePyre

Snip: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is quite simply a masterpiece. There?s so much to do in the game that it would take the better part of 100 hours to play the game one time through with one character doing every possible quest in the best of situations and even after over 40 hours of gameplay I have but touched upon the surface of Oblivion.. The thing with the game is you can start over with a totally different character and the game might be totally different, depending on what factions (Guilds) you align yourself with. Further, if you want to live your life as a vampire you can, now that’s an interesting character to be. Check out the flash work on the home page. Full review @ GamePyre

Sapphire & HotHardware Giveaway

Just thought I’d bring you news of a great giveaway?going on at?HotHardware.com. Get on over there and signup already! Snip: HotHardware have?teamed up with the folks at Sapphire for another exciting contest and give away. Things are going to be somewhat different — and a bit more fun — this time around though.? Here’s what we’re going to be giving away to the lucky winners.? And yes, that’s winners with an "s"… 1st place – Blizzard Radeon X1900 XTX 2nd place – Radeon X1800 XT 3rd place – Radeon X1600 PRO AGP 4th place – Radeon X1300 Competition details @ HotHardware

SteelSeries Steelpad 5L @ techPowerUp!

Snip: SteelSeries has been manufacturing gaming gear for the gaming enthusiast for half a decade. The SteelPad 5L is the latest incarnation of there SteelSeries gaming surface series and today we take the SteelPad 5L for a test drive. The gaming surface at first glance looks like the typical cloth type mouse pads of back in the day when we all had roller style mouses and input devices. The cushion layer thats between the surface and backing resembles a thin layer of neoprene, so the surface has a stiff but sponge like feel to it. The surface is comfortable and smooth to the touch. Let’s have a look Full review @ techPowerUp!

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