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Archive for October 17th, 2021

Gainward to launch 512MB 7900 GT for AGP and PCI-e

Considering the great non-reference boards Gainward have been releasing lately, like the 512MB 7800GT GLH and the fantastic AGP based 7800GS ‘GLH’ with 24 pipelines instead of 20 (essentially making it a 7800 GT for AGP), it would be no surprise to see them launch a 7900GT with 512MB of memory. However, there is a rumour that 512MB 7900 GT boards will be available?for both AGP and PCI-e. Didn’t see that coming! The AGP version is currently unannounced so i won’t confirm anything about the card at present, but it is rumoured to be a GLH, so it may come with rather tasty clock speeds. It is meant to?come with?512MB of?memory. The PCI-e versions are definitely coming?by the end of?April in Golden Sample and GLH flavours. The GS?board is clocked with a 550 MHz core, and comes with 512MB of memory clocked at 1400 MHz.?The?"Goes like Hell" model,?will come with higher clocks of at least 580MHz?core and 1650MHz on the memory, they may even end up higher by the time they reach retail. Gainward’s recent non-reference boards have unofficially been limited editions with demand hugely outstripping supply. It is said that supply should be far better with these products, let’s hope so!

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