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Archive for October 18th, 2021

ATI Catalyst 6.4 released

ATI have released Catalyst 6.4. Performance updates include: 3DMark06 CPU scores improve as much as 4.9% across all product lines 3DMark06 HDR 2 Deep Freeze (SM3.0) test improves as much as 2% Call of Duty 2 improves approximately 1.4-2% on X1900 and X1800 Crossfire configurations. Gains are slightly less (1.3%) for non-Crossfire?X1900 and X1800 products FarCry improves 2-3% on X1900 non-Crossfire configurations. Greatest improvements result from tests with no AA and AF Half Life 2 improves as much as 3.8% on X1900 non-Crossfire configurations. Greatest improvements result from tests with no AA and AF Unreal Tournament 2004 gains 3-5% on all X1x00 non-Crossfire configurations Improvements have been made to the Avivo video processing engine during standard definition (SD) video playback. Edge enhancement or sharpening effectively improves image quality by enhancing details lost during encoding and processing. Noise reduction algorithms are improved to ensure original detail is preserved, while removing unwanted noise. ATI card owners, go grab them here!

ATI Radeon X1900 GT Leaked

It appears there is a new X1900 card coming this summer, the X1900 GT. So far the X1800 XT has had to step up and compete against Nvidia’s 7900 GT, which is not a good strategy as it means ATI are producing two concurrent chips at present, R520 and R580, or perhaps it’s just old stock floating about. The X1900 GT will have 36 pixel shaders, be clocked at 575/600 and come with 256MB of memory. This should?bring its performance very close to a 7900 GT, i would imagine.?This card is?really a direct replacement?for the power hungry X1800 XT,?it should be cheaper for ATI to produce the X1900 GT compared to the X1800 XT. Rumour has it that the cards might unlock to 48 pixel?shaders too as its built using the R580 core. Have to wait and see on that one.

OCZ DDR2 PC2-5400 Gold GX XTC 1 GB @ Overclockers Online

Snip: As for my experience and recommendation, I have to say this is fine RAM for someone doing some overclocking. Why? Well, out of the package you’re guaranteed a nice frequency to work your frontside bus up to as you keep the memory frequency at a 1:1 with your processor and the latency as low as you can without the system becoming unreliable. Full review @ Overclockers Online

Cooler Master Centurion 532 Case @ Viper Lair

Snip: The real cheap cases can be had for under $40 these days, but for $20 to $30 more, we think you’ll be hard pressed to find a better choice under $80. It is easy to work with, well built and has good cooling performance. Full review @ Viper Lair

Apple Mac mini Dual Core 1.66GHz @ Designtechnica

Snip: The Mac Mini is the Bruce Lee of the computing world – small frame, incredibly fit, lightning fast and able to take on any sized opponent with unflinching confidence. Full review @ Designtechnica

Tomb Raider Legend @ Bit-tech

Snip: As we mentioned earlier, the full retail game comes with an option disabled in the PC demo – the ability to enable "Next Generation Content". What exactly does that mean? Rather than the more traditional approach of allowing the adjustment of multiple advanced graphics options like High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting, Crystal Dynamics have adopted a simplified approach, presumably based on the assumption that the more casual gamer that this franchise attracts won’t have a clue what HDR is all about. The good news for us graphics geeks is that you’re getting more than just mere HDR. Let’s compare two identical scenes: on the left, we have anti-aliasing and every other game option enabled, but Next Generation Content disabled. The second screenshot adds this option. Full review @ Bit-tech

Abit A8N 32X @ HotHardware

Snip: The new board in question is the Abit AN8 32X, which is one of only a scant few motherboards on the market produced with nVidia’s high-end nForce4 SLI X16 chipset. The chipset, currently the product of choice for high-end gamers and enthusiast, has only been adopted by Asus and MSI to date. Asus’s board went through a lot of initial teething issues (being the first nForce4 SLI X16 on the market), whereas MSI’s board hasn’t been largely accepted by the enthusiast community. Abit’s board is hoping to not only deliver a more thorough feature-set, but do so at a lower price point compared to Asus and MSI. Full review @ HotHardware

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