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Archive for October 25th, 2021

3.0 GHz Opteron 156 within a month

We love Opterons. The 256 and 856 parts are on sale today, and the 156 will be following within 30 days. AMD are stating this is the last single core Opteron, from now on all new models will be dual-core. The 3.0GHz chip will consume 95w. This should be a damn fine chip for overclocking nuts, but the price will no doubt be over ?500. I’m waiting to see what will be available on AM2 before i sink 500 notes down?:)

Gigabyte NX79T GeForce 7900GT @ GamePyre

Snip: For the price of $339 online, the 7900GT has no peer at this price point. As the 7900GT generally outperforms the competition at its default clock speed, this makes the GIGABYTE card a decent choice to buy a new card. Later, if you want to buy a second 7900GT, you get more performance than any currently available single video card in SLI mode. The only reasons this card didn’t get a Gold award was it was hard to find online due to limited stock of NVIDIA chips and its popularity, not to any fault of GIGABYTE per se, and the fact that other manufacturers have Lifetime Warranties with their cards. Other than that the card is a fine specimen of a 7900GT and will please any user looking for an NVIDIA based gaming card hands down. Full review @ GamePyre

Mushkin XP2-5300 Memory @ Motherboards.org

Snip: High capacity, high speed, and slick looks make this memory a very solid product. Couple that with swanky new heat spreaders that’ll keep the sweltering chips chilly when the clocks go sky high, and you’ve got a formula to come out swinging with. Much like some of the other vendors we’ve covered in these parts, Mushkin has a reputation to uphold ? that being one of high quality, and incredible overclocks. Full review @ Motherboards.org

ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe Motherboard @ NordicHardware

Snip: Instead of a bunch of noisy fans, ASUS has opted for a heatpipe solution, leading away the heat from both the north- and southbridge to a larger heatsink right next to to CPU socket. This heatsink also cools one cluster of the power solution’s MOSFETs and due to its proximity to the CPU heatsink it gets an adequate airflow. The second cluster sits beneath another heatsink just above the CPU socket. Full review @ NordicHardware

Sapphire Blizzard Radeon X1900 XTX @ HotHardware

Snip: HotHardware evaluate Sapphire?s liquid-cooled Blizzard Radeon X1900 XTX. The card was a heck of a performer, and it turned out to be quite overclockable as well.? Head on over to the site and check it out? Full review @ HotHardware

ASUS P5WD2-E Premium 975X Motherboard @ Pro-Clockers

Snip: Improving on the P5WD2 with the Intel 955X chipset, Asus has released the P5WD2-E Premium based on Intel?s newest chipset the 975. Asus is known the world over for producing the best Intel based motherboards. Combining stability with a lot of overclocking features made the older P5WD2 the motherboard to have with the newer Cedar Mills and Pressler processors. We will today see if the newer Premium can hold a candle to the older brother. Full review @ Pro-Clockers

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